What is the Average Rent Cost Per KG of Cold Storage of Onion or Potato in India?

For post-harvest storage, cold storage technology warehouse rentals are provided in India. Farm products can be preserved in the cold for much longer. India needs a cold storage facility because it is mostly an agricultural nation. A higher number of cold storage facilities are being built. You might be concerned about the costs and amenities of a cold storage facility leasing in India if you need their services. What are the costs in India for renting a cold storage warehouse? Or What is the Average Rent Cost Per KG of Cold Storage of Onion or Potato in India? Continue reading as we go over the costs of renting a cold storage facility in India.

What is the Total Rent Cost Per KG of Cold Storage of Onion or Potato in India?

So, What is the Average Rent Cost Per KG of Cold Storage of Onion or Potato in India?

Warehousing bays or lockers are divided up into sections of warehouses that you may hire by the month or year. By the square foot or cubic foot, you pay to rent or acquire space. To determine your expenditures, you must first determine how much square footage you require.

Here’s how to determine your costs by measuring the square or cubic meters of your stock:

  1. To be saved items should be stacked side by side. You’ll spend less if your things are more compacted. Place your presses next to one another. Then use a tape measure to determine the stack’s height, width, and height. If all of your stuff won’t fit in one spot, you can measure each stack separately and then sum up the total measurements.
  2. To calculate the square footage of your inventory, divide the length of your pile by the breadth. Then double your floor space by the warehouse company’s fee per square foot.
  3. Subtract the tallest point on your stack from the square foot calculation (length x breadth). The required amount of storage space is indicated by this value. Multiply this quantity by the fee per cubic foot if the warehouse fees by the unit.
  4. Subtract the size of the storage space or locker from the overall area (in square or cubic feet). You require two bays for your inventory, for instance, if your entire square footage is 500 square feet and a storage bay is 250 square feet. Add the amount per area to the number of bays you require.
  5. The warehouse company should then be contacted for a quote. They will give you a rate quote after you supply them with the square footage you require.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Cold Storage Warehouse in India?

The costs for renting out cold storage facilities are listed below:

  • The average rental cost for a cold storage facility. The cost of cold storage is 900 cents per square foot on average. Major providers of cold storage rental services adhere to this standard cost.
  • Per Quintal Rate. The cost of cold storage may change for seasonal goods. Each quintal costs 200 INR.

The Cold Storage Rental Rates - The Total Cost Determination with the Help of the Per KG Rental Cost of Onion or Potatoes

Warehouses charge by the square foot or cubic foot for the use of their floor space. However, you might also be expected to cover running costs. The following expenses will determine your total warehouse costs:

  • Size of the area you require (in square/cubic feet)
  • per-square-foot base rent (due monthly or annually)
  • estimated costs of operation (varies by contract type)

Like any landlord, the warehouse business might ask you to provide maintenance costs for the area. Triple net leases (also known as NNNs), Net Net Leases, or Common Area Maintenance Fees are some of the other names for this type of contract. Under these agreements, the tenant is responsible for covering all property-related running costs.

For instance, you might not have to pay for Heating and air conditioning systems, but you could have to hire an HVAC professional. The average of all included charges owed per month or per year will be displayed as your operating expenses.

Before agreeing to anything, request a thorough cost breakdown so you can see what is included in your costs. You should be able to understand the What is the Average Rent Cost Per KG of Cold Storage of Onion or Potato in India?” answer. Who is reliable and efficient enough to offer high-quality services?

Cold room construction
NSSPL Offers the Best-Quality, Highly Reliable, and Cost-Effective Services to the Clients.

The NSSPL offers super-quality, and highly reliable fruit and vegetable cold storage solutions to clients. You can trust the quality and efficiency of our services as we prepare a comprehensive plan for our clients. So, contact us and we will give you a cost-effective average rent cost per KG of cold storage of onion or potato in India.

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