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The Salient Features of the Electronic Line

Sorting & Grading Line

  • Product transfer through soft rubber base rollers / cups
  • Synchronized feeling with V-shaped simulator / Pre-aligner
  • No of lanes 1, 2, 4, 6
  • Grading by weight, color, diameter, external and internal quality
  • Grading statistics and data be management
  • Integration with remote tracilibility system

Electronic(optical) Sorting & Grading system offer by NSSPL having gentle soft food grade cups and rollars system that ensure gentle damage free handling of the produce. Our system also include other equipment like pre-dryer, waxer, dryer etc. for surface treatment of fruits.

Advanced Design & Manufacture

Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides most advanced design & manufacture of handling equipment for over 16 years, producing high quality machinery built to industrial specifications. we provides most advanced sorting & grading lines for fruits and vegetables with size, colour and weight. This lines are made as per the client’s requirement. This lines are also available with accessories like washing treatment, brushing treatment, waxing system and other specific requirement. This lines are available with various capacity.

Sorting & Grading

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