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If you have a tight budget like not more than 1 cr and want to invest in the cold storage business, then small cold storage will be ideal for you. Small cold storage helps to keep any one item in the cold storage bulk quantity. Suppose, if you want to keep your lemon in a cold storage bulk quantity, you can choose small cold storage. Small cold storage project cost is less than 50 lakh approx. and you will be able to set up very easily. There are some business owners they invest minimum for small cold storage and buy some refrigerator and use for dairy products, frozen meat, and fish items. 

You can create small cold storage for any purpose. You can keep perishable products only in the cold storage or if you wish, you can keep any fruit item or vegetable item. To build small cold storage, you need to invest a minimum amount. And you need to buy or rent the small area for cold storage. Another benefit is, you don’t need to invest a huge amount for a cooling machine here you need a very minimum amount for buying the cooling machine. Calculate any Small cold storage project cost and then finalize it. 

small cold storage project cost

How to find the best manufacturer for small cold storage?

For cold storage set up, superior quality products and machines, utilities are very important to use. Cold storage is set up for the long term and if you will use initially advance technology, ultra-modern electronic equipment, and utilities and cooling machines, then cold storage will run long and you don’t need to invest further any money. Best manufacturer or supplier also assists their client by providing guidance and help to calculate Small cold storage project cost.  If you are looking for the best supplier for cold storage, then you can choose us. We are one of the best manufacturers who offer superior quality services at the best price. 

Natural Storage Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

What are the benefits of a small cold storage business?

As the size of the cold storage will be small, so it’s very simple to maintain. Set up small cold storage is always simple and easy. Cold storage helps to reduce the wastage of fruits and vegetables. It also helps to store medicine and vaccines. Off-season farm products also available throughout the year using cold storage. You can calculate mini cold storage project costs as well. It also helps to provide farmers remunerative prices. It helps to increase the overall economy of the country. Packaged or process food customers can get very easily. Temperature control systems help to minimize the temperature and lower the cooling system based on product. There are different types of fruits and vegetables require different temperature. It’s essential to calculate Small cold storage project costs and then make a decision from when you will start the project. 

How much small cold storage cost?

In India, if you want to invest in a small type of cold storage, then you can do it. For the small type of cold storage, you need to invest a minimum amount, and based on the cold storage unit you have to invest here. Suppose, if you want to build cold storage for 5000 MT, then you have to invest a minimum of 2cr to 4 cr or if you want to build 1000MT cold storage then you need to invest 25 lakh to 40 lakh approx. you have to calculate small and mini cold storage plant costs before proceeding. The cost of cold storage depends on many factors like location, cooling machine capacity, power backup machine, electricity price, utilities, etc. 

If you have a tight budget and can’t invest even 50 lakh, then you can go with mini cold storage. You can calculate mini cold storage project costs and then decide on what type of cold storage you need. 

How to earn more profit from small cold storage?

Small cold storage requires a one-time investment and once done, you will be able to advertise and promote your cold storage details to get long-term profit. Before calculating the profit ratio, first, you need to calculate the Small cold storage project cost. Cold storage helps to keep fruits, vegetables, and perishable items safe for the long term. Due to cold storage throughout the year, people able to get fruits and vegetables easily. And the price of the product becomes also a minimum. Most of the business owners keep different fruits and vegetables in cold storage during the season, and when the season is over, then they will sell such products in the market. During this time the demand for such products will be high.

Whether you want to create large cold storage or mini cold storage you have to create mini cold storage plant cost always. 

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Mr. Yogesh Dahiya (Managing director) aged 49 years, having a Diploma in Fabrication Technology, has 25 years of experience in setting up cold storage and chilling plants. After completion of Diploma in Fabrication technology, he worked with indo-Techno Frigo Ltd. As Manager (fabrication) and Purchase Executive for a period of 5 years. He then joined L&T as General Manager (Projects). In 1997 he started his own company. Mr.Yogesh Dahiya is the key person of NSSPL (group company) and his job includes holding meeting with clients, understanding their requirements, selection of sites, suggestion of right technology, preparation of engineering design, civil works etc and then finally fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire plants. Till now he had set up 160 cold storage and chilling plants of various capacities. In this project he takes care of all the technical aspects of the company.
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  1. Aditya Sharma

    I am interested in setting up a small 10 MT cold storage for shrimp. What would be the estimated cost and also what kind of operational assistance can u provide

  2. Ashok chaddha

    I want to set up 5000mt cold storage in Gautambuddh nagar (G Noida) please guide how much finace is required and how much land is required

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