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Fruit Ripening System

Ripening Chamber For Mangoes

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Ripening Chamber
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Reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration units

Ripening Chamber

  • Fully automatic temperature control system.
  • Ethylene dozing is fully automatic Dozing can be set as per the requirement.
  • Carbon dioxide level is automatically controlled by the system, which prevent softening of fruits.
  • Ethylene concretions can be measured in PPM enabling precise dozing of the gas.
  • Concentration of ethylene and carbon dioxide is continuously measured by precise instrument resulting in optimum good quality of the produce.
  • Ripening cycle can be controlled by this system.- ripening chamber for mangoes
  • This system is acceptable by all the food standards.
  • Very safe and hygienic process.
  • With forced draft air circulation system, uniform ripening of Fruits is possible resulting in uniform color of each Fruit.
  • Our refrigeration system is design to maintain high humidity within the room which results in minimum weight loss after ripening process.