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Fruit Ripening System

Ripening Chamber For Mangoes

Reliable, energy-efficient refrigeration units

Ripening Chamber

  • Fully automatic temperature control system.
  • Ethylene dozing is fully automatic Dozing can be set as per the requirement.
  • Carbon dioxide level is automatically controlled by the system, which prevent softening of fruits.
  • Ethylene concretions can be measured in PPM enabling precise dozing of the gas.
  • Concentration of ethylene and carbon dioxide is continuously measured by precise instrument resulting in optimum good quality of the produce.
  • Ripening cycle can be controlled by this system.- ripening chamber for mangoes
  • This system is acceptable by all the food standards.
  • Very safe and hygienic process.
  • With forced draft air circulation system, uniform ripening of Fruits is possible resulting in uniform color of each Fruit.
  • Our refrigeration system is design to maintain high humidity within the room which results in minimum weight loss after ripening process.

NSSPL Provides Ripening Chambers For Mango,Banana And Papaya Without Altering The taste and freshness.We provide forced draft cooling system for uniform Ripening Of Fruits even in large capacity rooms.we use blended gas system for the purpose of ripening which is acceptable by all world food standards. this system gives client a unique advantage of controlled ripening process with longer post storage life of the produce.the system offered by NSSPL ensures low weight loss after Ripening Which benefits the customer commercially. this chamber can also be used for de greening of fruits.