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Project Execution

Large-scale commercial refrigeration plants are very much in demand today in India. With increasing production and import of perishable items, there is a need for more refrigerated storage spaces. It will help preserve these. Refrigerated storage helps to preserve many fruits, vegetables and other food items for a long time without getting spoiled. Only specialists can build such storage spaces.They are needed for installation of industrial refrigeration units. Hence, project execution work of such plants needs expert technicians and the most advanced tools and machinery.

Understanding Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration refers to any storage space for a huge quantity of items that need a controlled temperature. They also require industrial refrigeration in some industries where they must maintain a fixed temperature during production. One of the industries that has the most use of industrial refrigeration is the food industry. Because of the vast variety of facilities required the completion of a project requires excellent project execution plan.

Project execution of large refrigerated storage facilities requires expertise of qualified technicians and experienced workers. A company that does cold storage project execution must also have the right equipment for the job. They must also have knowledge about the materials that they must use in the project execution process.They must withstand the conditions of a cold storage. Cold storage projection execution must consider a lot of factors.

Challenges In Completing A Refrigeration Project

There are many challenges in a refrigeration project execution. One of the major difficulties in a cold storage project execution is that you must use different components and parts in the project. These differ greatly in their function and size. Moreover, different manufacturers make these parts used in the project execution process. Therefore, a project execution plan must take into consideration this fact and ensure proper integration of these products.

Most of the problems in the cold storage project execution come from a lack of knowledge of the processes. It is also because of the different equipment they need. The primary aim of such a project is to deliver the correct cooling to the storage area in a safe manner. Project execution of a such a refrigeration plant must have safety as the primary concern. This is because there are high chances of disasters due to the different types of components used.

Selection Of Different Components

The main consideration when making the project execution plan is the selection of various components. This includes the refrigerant that is used for cooling. The main components in the refrigeration plant are the compressor, evaporator, condenser and the control valve. All these components must be of the highest quality. Only this will help achieve the best refrigeration in the space. Natural Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has experience in completing turnkey refrigeration projects.

We understand the project execution process very well due to years of experience in this field. When selecting the components, we take care that each of them come from the best manufacturers. Because of this we can ensure that all the functions in the refrigeration unit happens in the best manner. Our workers are highly trained in the construction of controlled atmosphere storage spaces. They also understand the complexity of such projects and work to achieve the best results.

What Makes Us The Best?

The main advantage of working with us is that we have expert workers in all the aspects of constructing an industrial cold storage. We also have the best workers in different kinds of welding work.This results in the proper construction of the storage facility. Our welding team uses the most modern machines for TIG and Arc welding. Their work will ensure the best finish after doing the welding. The joints will also be secure and sealed properly.

NSSPL has the best technicians when it comes to PUF panel construction. Our experience in handling many such projects helps us complete the project within the schedule time. We will complete all the tests and ensure that your storage facility is functioning properly. We also provide you excellent support after installation. We have completed many projects both in India and in other countries in the world.

Contact us and give us an opportunity to submit our quote and plan to you. Whatever be the size of your project or its requirements, we will complete it to your best satisfaction.