Specialty Line

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What is specialty line?

A specialty line product under potato based processing include many such as:

  • Potato slices, potato boiled peels, potato hash, potato flakes, potato granules, potato starch, potato bread, potato dumplings, potato pancakes, potato nuggets, potato balls, potato wine, potato flour, potato wafers, potato pellets, and lots more.

It also includes special French fries and it covers refrigerated or chilled French fries. These French fries of the specialty line are the low-fat French fries or the fried that are not fried. It can be from other tubers or from sweet potatoes. All the special cuts or shapes are covered in these French fries.

Determining the equipment as per small or large scale equipment

Matching the large scale or the small processing equipment suitably is important. Consider the equipment functions and the processing steps for plant production. If you are unable to decide consult with NSSPL engineers, they will suggest you the right equipment.

Consider the equipment availability and make best fit matches to scale-up. As the team is ready, review small-scale equipment and large-scale plant with your team.  It is important to understand that even with specialty line products, choosing lab-scale equipment is not essential. It is because matching the equipment functions is enough as it is close to the lab scale.

Demand of speciality line

The marketplace of potato processing is categorized into dehydrated, frozen, snack pellets, and chips.  There are others encompassing canned potato, flour, starch, and granules. The frozen potato merchandise consumption is in the growing range especially the French fries.

The biggest advantage is the prolonged shelf life of the frozen potatoes. It takes less time to cook. It grows hastily within the emerging locations and is predicted to have more demand in the upcoming years. The snack pellets and chips are the largest segment and there is increasing recognition in the availability and chips.

What is important in speciality line?

With the rapid lifestyle, busy schedules, and nuclear families, the demand for the frozen food is growing. The ready-to-eat meals are also keeping with effort and time. Processed potato as snacks is in high demand and is attributable to its availability in different forms such as baked, fried, and air fried, besides different flavours. Owing to this variety the city areas expect processed potato demand to increase. The alternative is to increase the potato processing and to make it available in retail formats.

In the processing line, look for equipment sizes as per the demand. Use functions to choose that you want to have in the processing equipment. Discuss with NSSPL engineers and sketch the equipment image and get the modified version. You may include holding tanks and conveyor belts. End with packaging and filling equipment. Bear in mind to consider the chosen equipment’s precision and filling speed while packaging.

Take expertise assistance of NSSPL to know the optimal run parameters and determine its effectiveness.

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