Potatoes Chips

What is the production line of potato chips?

 The production line of Potato Chips is automatic. It is easy to economize manpower and to operate it. It is done in stainless steel equipment that meets hygienic standards and is easy to clean. The potato chips are made using fresh potatoes and it follows the entire process of washing, slicing, peeling, de-watering, seasoning, frying, and other steps making delicious potato chips. The taste is crispy with varying packaging and flavours. It is suitable for all ages and is a popular snack food.

The Potato Chips Production Line at NSSPL has continuous fryer, equipped with conveyor, peeling m/c, washing m/c, de-water device, slicers, seasoning device…etc. At NSSPL, it is a combination of automatic production line economizing manpower.

The entire production line of potato chips includes machines for potato slicing, potato washing peeling, potato rinsing, potato blanching, potato frying, potato dewatering, potato flavouring, and potato packing machine.

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Machine Features of Automatic Potato Chips Making

  1. It is an automatic production line involving making potato chips from washing, peeling to packing.
  2. Potato chips plant machines are in stainless steel material.
  3. Frying and blanching temperature are adjustable to potato chips condition

Electricity power requirement is three phase

The potato chips manufacturing process

With the potatoes arriving at the plant, they are examined for blemishes, green edges, by punching holes and tracking the process. The defective potatoes are weighed and if the weight is more than the pre-set weight, the load is rejected.

The potatoes move to various manufacturing stages along the conveyor belt. These belts give gentle vibrations ensuring minimum breakage.

The potatoes are in a vertical conveyer allowing stones to fall and pushes the potatoes to the automatic peeling machine. The potatoes go in cold water washing.

  • The potatoes pass a pressure that cuts into paper-thin slices using straight blades.
  • The slices fall into cold-water wash removing the starch release.
Colour treatment
  • Chemical treatment for the potatoes enhances colour. The potato slices in a solution are adjusted for hardness, pH, and mineral content.
Sorting and cooling
  • A wire mesh belt at the trough end pulls the hot chips out. The mesh conveyer belt moves along the chips, while excess oil is drained and chips cool.
Salting and frying
  • The potato slices go under air jets removing excess water. Paddles push slices gently and salt is sprinkled above the trough.
  • Frying is in corn oils, vegetable oils, or cottonseed oil. The flavour passes through powdered desired seasonings.
  • The chips weight is measured and metal detector checks for any foreign matter picking up in the process. The filling process is accomplished allowing abundance of air to prevent chips from breaking.

The Future of potato chips indicates increasing demand. Food technicians design crunchier chip using computer programs. The computer allows working on engineered potatoes. NSSPL machines for the entire process of potato chips ensures test-marketed products.

For crunchier potato chips, check with NSSPL food technicians!

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