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Manufacturing Frozen French Fries

Manufacturing the French fries and the frozen French fry do not have much difference. It differs only in the final part of frying and freezing. The frozen French fries take lesser time to fry than the fresh French fries.

The frozen French fry demand in the recent years have shown remarkable growth as it is served in fast-food chains and restaurants. Producing the finest frozen French fries following the state-of-the-art equipment from NSSPL is as below. The process includes:

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  • Cleaning and peeling- Potatoes go under cleaning using brush roller and peeling. The brush rollers are in soft nylon. The peeler leave a smooth surface keeping to minimal peeling losses. However, manually the eyes, skin, and the green portions are removed.
  • The potatoes cutting machine cuts the potatoes. The thickness is adjustable in the ranges of 7mm to 12mm, while normally it is 10mm. The strips length is 5 to 7 cm, while discoloured, short and thin pieces are removed.
  • Blanching- The blanching is set at 70 to 95 degrees. The strips are blanched to inhibit the active enzymes. It retain the fresh flavour of potatoes, softness, and offers uniform color on frying. This process mitigates the browning and reduces the sugar.
  • Dewatering- The frozen French fry goes in a dewatering machine that eliminates the surface water after blanching. To fry it the water content requirement is 70-75&, to cook in an oven 65-70%, and for microwave frozen fries 65-70%.
  • Par frying- The potato strips are cooked in 175-185 degree Celsius for two minutes. This par-fried potatoes are bought from groceries and is fried at home or even in a restaurant. The second fry is at 150 degree Celsius for 5 minutes or at 180 degree Celsius for two minutes.
  • Freezing- This is an important step. The refrigeration of the French fries is in an instant tunnel freezer. It keeps them crispier and fresh. Thus it retains the flavour and does not stick.
  • Packing & storage– An automatic packing machine weighs the frozen French fry, shape the bag, fill the bag, seal and print the date. It is then to different places.

At NSSPL you can get suitable Frozen French fry production line for small scale business that is practical, economical, and effective. There is large scale frozen French fry line to fulfil your need.

Frozen food manufacturers must ensure to store and transport at correct temperature. However, contacting NSSPL has its own merits as they offer the Frozen French fries line in high-quality stainless steel. They ensure it meets the high standard, equipped with advanced heating system that they avoid wasting energy.

The packing machine completes the entire vertical procedure of measuring, feeding, bagging, nitrogen filling and date printing.  It is for the manufacturers to choose a suitable location for the raw materials. Buy cost-effective equipment and consider initial investment for long-term production.

Buy from NSSPL or consult them for frozen French fry equipment, now!

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