Potato Based Processing Plant

What is potato based processing plant?

Potato based processing plant includes Frozen fries, Pureed potatoes, and other Frozen items changing urbanisation and ways of life. Potato handling with French fry or Chips require specific least necessities such as texture, size, shape, dry matter and low vulnerability, due to the diminishing sugar. High strong substance or dry matter of the tuber is used by potato processors as one of the characteristics. To make Potato chips having potato assortments with oval or round tubers. In these the dry matter is over 20% and it reduces sugar content.

In Potato processing the chip colour and the taste relies on the potato chips nature. The tone of light gold-yellow is acceptable, and not the chips in dark brown. The chips favoured size is 40-60mm and they are mostly a side dish, a snack, or appetizer. The chips are fundamentally salted and cooked, while extra assortments use different flavourings. There are fixings including flavours, spices, cheeses, and added substances with regular flavours.

French fries Processing line

How NSSPL can help?

NSSPL is an expert leader in potato based processing plant lines. It incorporates the production of potato starch to potato puree. They have in-house designing that you can set an ideal coordination. Get into understanding the entire potato processing methods including washing, cutting, peeling, mashing, cooking, granulating, dying, and packaging. You will notice that the NSSPL processing plants ensure effortless processing.

Different processes of the potato based processing plant

Potato chips is a huge snack and comfort food that the potato processing plays a vital role.  The different process include:

  • Potato Starch– It is a part of the potato based processing plant It is required in preparing Modified potato starch, Native potato starch, Gravy, Soups, and Puddings. Starch is used as softening agent in bread, cakes, cookies, and biscuits. Some incorporate for different utilizations of adhesives, drugs, glues, binder, etc.
  • Potato Flakes- It may be put to half frying limits or drying as a safeguard to reduce dampness content. It also limits microbial growth. Potato flakes seeks used in preparation use items in making Aloo Tikki, Aloo Parantha, Potato flakes, Samosa, etc.
  • Washing Line- It is a part of the processing of potato where dirty potatoes are cleaned. There are practical advancements and the washing cycle depends on the potatoes showing up.
  • Peeling Line– Washing potatoes and tubers offers final result. The process of peeling is subject to the potatoes being clean. Considering the determinations, there is peeling, brushing, and it is ready for use.
  • Cutting Line– Potato processing machines are essential for cutting potatoes and brilliant substance use. A cutting line involves inventive advances. Water cutting is a process where potatoes pass through high water tension. The NSSPL engineers are specialists in this field and they know the format adaptability of each procedure.

Throughout the years, NSSPL has developed a broad range of processing plants. They offer the best techniques to handle the potato based processing plant. The engineers in NSSPL create, design and introduce to the machines. They prepare your staff to work on the machine lines effortlessly.

Get supply everything from start to finish from NSSPL.

Potato Based Processing Plant

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