Fruits and Vegetables Processing Plant

What are fruits and vegetables processing plant?

The fruits and vegetables processing plant firstly preserves the flavour, color, texture, and nutrition. It prolongs the perishable vegetables and fruits shelf life. These processing plants are of different types of fruits and they offer solution for the processes.

The machinery can seam, pouch, seal bottles, and do aseptic packaging in varying capacities. The fruit vegetable processing machinery features automation in high level, high sanitation, and ease of operation, low labor intensity, low operational costs, and safe functioning. This processing line ascertains safe food packaging and preservation for hygienic processing and it is widely popular and accepted in food processing industries.

With increased demand all over the world for fruits and vegetables variety, there is a need for good processing plants. NSSPL has a variety of processing plants and fulfil the advancements in international logistics. There is driving consumption for fresh-cut vegetables and fruits that are processed, cleaned, and pre-packaged that it is now virtually seen in most grocery stores.

Fruits and vegetables processing plant of NSSPL ensure striking balance between convenience and nutrition. The processing requirements are valuable and fulfil the rigorous demands of cleaning, preserving, preparing, and trim and efficiently cut foods. Actually, there is more than one can realize of the role of these processing plants.

What is the specialty of a vegetable processing plant?

A vegetable processing plant consists of many plants eaten as food.  It is perishable when fresh, but can be preserved by processing methods. It is essential as they contain vitamins and minerals and are the main dietary source of fibre. Vegetables consumption is on increase with health-conscious people. The vegetable processing includes podding, sorting, recovery, washing, cooling, blanching, de watering, and inspection.

With NSSPL, you can get to know more about processing plants and frozen vegetable processing plant.  They offer complete plan with cold storage facilities, processing line, IQF and Refrigeration. It is available from 500 kg to 10 tons an hour. The plant is cost effective and handling is easy.

Fruit processing plant

 Any crucial food producer will look for fruit processing plant. It is because they can reduce the fresh fruit wastage to a great extent of the total production process. The process includes harvest, grading, storage, packaging, transport, and distribution. It includes inadequate facilities of cold storage, unskilled workforce, minimal technological interventions, and inefficient post-harvest management.

Modern Fruit Processing Methods:

  • Pasteurization
  • High-pressure processing
  • Ultra-heat treatment
  • Modified atmosphere packaging

The common processing methods followed by Fruit Processing plants are:

  • Fermentation: The sugars are broken using yeasts, bacterial or other microorganisms. Fermentation is used to produce alcoholic beverages and in preserving yoghurt and dry sausages production.
  • Freezing: Harmful bacteria is destroyed as the temperature of the food product is below 0°C. Preserving foods in majority is a convenient process and it includes vegetables, fruits, and ready-to-eat meals.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging: The fruit processing plants substitute air inside the juice package. It features a protective gas including carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen, helping in extending fruits and vegetable shelf life.
  • Pasteurization: Food is heated and cooled to kill pathogens. Pasteurization is used for juices and canned food preservation.
Fruit processing benefits:
  • Enhances nutritional quality
  • Makes fruits edible
  • Decrease fruits cost
  • Improved safety, preservation, and shelf life
  • On the go consumption
To know more about Fruit and vegetables Processing Plant, get in touch with NSSPL, the expert engineers in fruit vegetable processing machinery.


 In Fruit Processing Plants, the additives for juices preserve the safety, freshness, texture, taste, and appearance of processed fruits.  The antioxidants prevent oils and fats, prevent microbe’s growth. The emulsifiers improve mayonnaise texture and stop the dressings of salad from decaying.


Fresh cut vegetables and fruits are referred as processed fresh vegetables and fruits. They are pre-packaged food items available by the end consumer for direct consumption. Fruits and vegetables processing plant includes jarring and canning of different food items. The processed veggies and fruits stored in jars and cans provide a way of extending the shelf life of the food, withholding its nutrition.

Precisely, processed fruits and vegetables are prepared and ready to eat. It is cut, washed, sliced, trimmed, peeled or prepared to be convenient for consumers. There are processed fruits and vegetable including chopped salad or lettuce kits, cut baby carrots, jarred mandarin oranges, variety trays of vegetables and fruits, and canned corn.

For best quality, buy the right fruits and vegetables processing plant from NSSPL to maintain the flavour to same level. Buy the food whole and prepare, expect high nutritional content maintaining good flavour.

For long lasting freshness of processed fruits and vegetables and to reduce food waste, contact NSSPL for fruit vegetable processing machinery.

Fruits And Vegetables Processing Plant

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