Temperature Controlled Cold Storage

Natural Storage Solutions Private Limited (NSSPL) is one of the leading company providing post-harvest solutions. Every food product needs to be stored in a different cold storage for food security. NSSPL offers turnkey solutions for all types of cold storages including civil and PEB works, based on customer requirements of cold storage, by creating and defining the industry through its in-house innovated and also world over available technologies. We work for Conceptualization + Design + Supply + Execution + Operation for all cold chain projects. Optimal Design + Efficient Technological Integration + After Execution Services differentiate us from others technologies and innovations. Customers get all these services from a single centre dealing with only one company.
NSSPL offers General Purpose Cold Storages, Modified Atmospheric Cold Storages, Controlled Atmospheric Cold Storages and Frozen Cold Storages. These storages are ideal for long term storage for General Purpose food items e.g pulses, grains, jiggery, milk products etc, Fruits and Vegetables e.g. e.g. cabbages, cauliflowers, lemons, green chillies, drum stick, mangoes, onion, garlic and ginger etc Frozen Food items e.g. RTE, RTC, French fry, frozen peas, ice-cream, sea food, meat fish etc.


  •  Most advanced, modern, and built with the latest technologies
  • Parameters are maintained precisely and accurately so products remain fresh for a longer time
  • Future proof technologies
  • Fully automatic
  • Energy efficient
  • Less maintenance
  • Designed to store all types of perishable products
  • Starting capacity 500 MT onwards

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