Pack Houses

NSSPL builds world class pack houses which comply with APEDA and NHB/NHM norms. These are built to process and package freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to meet the local and export market requirements.

NSSPL typical pack house consists of..

  • Receiving area,
  • Washing and cleaning,
  • Sorting and grading equipment’s,
  • Pre cooling,
  • Ripening or Storages,
  • Packaging,
  • Dispatch Area with dock levelers
  • QC labs,
  • Refer Vans etc.


  • Affordable
  • Custom designed
  • Efficient and easy to operate
  • Maximum automation
  • Harvested produce are quickly precooled, processed and packed which ensures its nutritional value, quality, texture and essence for a long period.
  • Can be built quickly as NSSPL manufactures most of the equipment’s in-house e.g all material handling equipment’s, uses PEB, PUF panels and easily available latest refrigeration technologies

What is Pack House; why is it used

Everyone loves fruits, some may love oranges and some peaches. Ever wondered the market ready fruits we eat, how are these prepared for storage and distribution after harvest? Perishable agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, and crops after harvest are usually hauled from the farm site to either processing units or a packhouse.

What is a Pack House?

A pack-house is a combination of buildings and other installations such as machinery, gear, workers, and techniques which support the process of converting harvested farm-fresh produce into market-ready packages. Basic operations that are performed in a packhouse in equipping farm-fresh produce for storage, transport, and sales while maintaining the quality and value are:

  • Removal of damaged fresh produce
  • Washing
  • Grading of the products
  • Sorting by size and maturity
  • Waxing
  • Storage, refrigeration
  • Proper packaging

A packhouse facilitates QAS (quality assurance activities) that assure product quality and quantity match market demands and ensure minimum loss during transport and distribution to markets.

Did you know developing countries suffer from some serious post-harvest losses of farm-fresh harvest, ranging from 20-40% of production? Pack houses can save such tolls, it also serves as a hub for coordination and governance of a farm to packhouse to market, in which market demand dictates both production and packhouse activities.

In a nutshell, the packhouse is the focal point of the agricultural industry. Proper management assures the business will flourish in an endurable manner.

Finding a good packhouse for your business needs could be a tricky job, National Storage Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been facilitating packhouse services for more than two decades nationally and globally.

They have known for facilitating Multi Commodity Storage And Pack House where the perishable farm-fresh harvest is collected and sorting, cleaning, grading, sorting, packing and pre-cooling activities are performed to ensure safe hauling to harvest to consumers with least to no damage of the farm produce.

What makes National Storage Solutions outshine?

Custom Layout Design based on produce 

The layout of the packhouse is of great importance, the size and complexity of the layout largely depends on 2 parameters

  • Quantity of farm-fresh produce
  • Amount of money to be invested

One size fits all approach is not applicable to agricultural commodities and NSSPL understands it. The layouts of the packhouses provided by NSSPL are under the strict norms of APEDA ensuring there exist no unfavorable conditions which can cause a rapid decline in quality.

Affordable set-up

NSSPL clearly provides an array of packhouse arrangements ranging from basic straw shelter to highly automated buildings. NSSPL provides packhouse consultation starting from designing to execution at affordable prices.

With an aim to provide affordable solutions they support setting where sharing of packhouses by multiple farmers is possible.

In-house Laboratory

At NSSPL, agricultural commodities are tested in an in-house laboratory to augment the storage parameters which helps in boosting the shelf life of the farm-fresh harvests.

Salient Features

  • Custom designs based on produce is provided
  • Affordable setup of the Pack house
  • Agro Ripe provides pack house consultation starting from designing to execution
  • Agro Ripe ensures that phytosanitary, NHB and APEDA norms are followed
  • One pack house can be shared by multiple groups of farmers and also for different produces

Understands the food industry is time-dependent 

 NSSPL clearly understands that the food industry is time-dependent. They try to stand very-well by the expectations of farmers not just by on-time delivery but also by furnishing the best quality machines.

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