What is a mobile rack?

A mobile rack system is equipped with motors. A racking aisle allows moving the racking, thereby creates new space for storage. The racking system is easy to control from the control cabinet centrally. It can also be controlled decentrally using a remote control or an individual rack. As the individual aisles open, the sensor technology features a state-of-the-art sensor. These options ensure absolute safety and ease of operation.

What to consider?

The mobile rack can be made compact as required. The racking is on mobile bases moving laterally. The mobile bases rails are set into the floor, allowing easy circulation to forklifts. The base moves smoothly and the installation are a combination of mobile and fixed racking units. Visiting NSSPL will throw light on the working of a mobile rack and its splendid features.

Racking units on mobile base ensure resistance and stability causing the dynamic forces to stop and function. The depth tolerance, length and height is similar to any conventional racking. Only base measurements are larger for frozen storage for mobile rack as control and safer equipment are installed. As it has compact warehousing system it is appropriate for cold storage, freezers, and refrigerators. Bear in mind to spread evenly the aisle space between units.

Advantages of the Mobile Rack:

The mobile rack advantages rise from its maximum compaction capacity, while it maintains direct access to unit loads.

  • Energy savings
  • Easy access to all the racks
  • Efficient space use and high density system of storage
  • Industrial mobile rack adapts to weight, space, or goods size
  • Reduction of space and lighting control to cool. Once the rack gets loaded fully, there is automatic switch off feature.
  • Direct access to racks, implying saving time.
  • Adaptable to weight, space or product size

Compatible with conventional or automatic systems

Why mobile rack?

Mobile racking feature omni-directional wheel housings. It allows reconfiguration of storage space and easy movement. It helps to move frozen storage with mobile rack items without injury. The racks feature easy installation, durability, cost effectiveness, and high storage capacity. You may remember to choose racking after inspection of the storage space and the products.

The mobile racks are ideal solutions if you intend on storing heavy or large goods. It is efficient to support heavy loads. The modular concept creates perfect system for needs and individual requirements. Reorganizing the rack makes it simple for logistics and mobile rack optimizes storage capabilities and creates new space efficiently.

Contacting NSSPL for mobile rack system will ensure you get an equipped modern control rack system. The mobile racking is a high-density system of storage. It allows tapping into volumetric vertical space. It facilitates reducing the footprint of the warehouse by 45% and increases up to 85% the storage capacity. The warehouse owners save on a new warehouse total building cost and ensure faster investment return.

Benefits of using in the warehouse a frozen storage with mobile rack?

Using frozen storage with mobile rack is a semi-automated process. The benefits are:

  • Low servicing and maintenance
  • Reducing consumption of electricity due to smart option of lighting control
  • Maximizes storage capacity
  • Operate up to -30 degree Celsius
  • Pre-set picking options as per order easily available
  • Access easily the inventories
  • Night parking features enabling cold store operation.

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