Mezzanine Structre

What is Mezzanine structure?

Mezzanine structure systems are the right combination of floors and shelves. It increases the surface area, bringing shelves and floors benefits, thereby reducing the defects used in floors or shelves.

Structure and surface of using:

The bottom shelf structure and upper floor surface is the Mezzanine structure. The floor moves shelf or path to store goods. The racking systems of Mezzanine feature are designed featuring many floors, warehouse area, shelves relying on space, and customer’s needs. The loading is simple, you can use hands to pick up using forklift or the goods. The Mezzanine racking system is used in manufacturing cars, industry, mechanics, etc. They are useful in making offices in factories and houses.

Mezzanine racking systems helps maximize the area, save cost and offers the benefit of the warehouse without the need to upgrade. The frozen storage with Mezzanine structure floors contain direct goods or on shelves. It helps preserving and managing goods better. The racking system combine selective or box shelves. Look for reputable brands of NSSPL, specializing in supplying, manufacturing, and assembling shelves across the country for large warehouses.

What is a mezzanine level used for?

A mezzanine level refers to the intermediate floor between building levels. It is useful to increase the building floor area without adding to the building itself. Mezzanines are common in buildings of industrial settings that features high ceilings such as warehouses, distribution centers, and production floors. The Mezzanine meets the requirements of building code and the stairs access should meet the IBC mezzanines stair requirements.

Storage mezzanine floor

A frozen storage with mezzanine structure is the common mezzanine type floor. Storage mezzanines are different from equipment platforms that they are useful to access them. The difference of a mezzanine vs. equipment platform is defined by Chapter 10 and IBC section 505. A storage mezzanine requires IBC stairs and an equipment platform requires OSHA stairs.

The mezzanine structure work platform provides access in an elevated level for employees. It is easy for works such as assembling, packaging, quality control, or maintenance. These mezzanine types are located near conveyor systems, equipment, or maintenance areas promoting operators access and for employee’s maintenance.

Different Mezzanine storage

  • A portable mezzanine, is the mezzanine type that may be transported. As its name suggests it is moved from one location to another. The portable mezzanine structure is appropriate as small storage mezzanines.
  • Retail mezzanines help increasing space for the sales floor in a retail space. It helps inventory storage and is appropriate for office space. It is designed attractively with modern finish to attract customers and are the best frozen storage with mezzanine structure.
  • Office mezzanine floors make great addition to work space. It increases office space and there is no need to extend the building. The office mezzanines are in-plant and are the office space used in production spaces and manufacturing for office workers. It requires close proximity to the production such as operations management and engineering professionals.

Mezzanine floors Benefits

Mezzanines provide benefits for different work spaces types. Some of the mezzanine flooring benefits include:

  • Improved approach to elevated equipment
  • Augmented storage space for stock, inventory, equipment, and other materials
  • Additional floor space for retails business facilitating showing more products
  • Added office space helping production support personnel

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