Fixed Rack

What is a fixed rack system?

A fixed rack system is the choice of warehouses handling large quantity of good. It must be for the imported and exported needs as per the rule of first-in-first-out. These racks are fixed and built ensuring enough space for aisles. They are placed on shelves with a slope, on rollers, offering easy pallet movement. It is an easy way of handling and checking the inventory.


  • Fast to assemble
  • High storage capacity
  • Forklift safety ensuring the forklift does not enter the shelf inside.
  • Saves space and maximizes area to use warehouse.
  • Suitable to store fresh and frozen food, pharmaceutical products, and cool warehouses as per Frozen storage with fixed rack

There are several advantages of fixed rack for business and personal use

  • More space– Having storage space is a challenge anywhere, home or office. If you are doing a business and require cold storage room, you have added challenges. It is because the coolers take your space. However, getting a cold storage facility outside gives you enough space.
  • Range of uses– The temperatures are mostly adjustable in frozen storage rooms to control the products moisture content. It is beneficial to have Frozen storage with fixed rack as the frozen units are mostly airtight. It helps in protecting from weather changes and extreme temperature outside. Visiting NSSPL, will show you how setting the unit to the temperature preferred as per the frozen storage is an assurance of perfection.
  • Customizable settings and size- Buying it from reputable industries such as NSSPL ensures customizable settings and size. They are masters in refrigeration technology developed to the point that different types and sizes are available to suit your need. Their custom units are easy to fit with your refrigerant system required. You can get freezing temperature units or units constructed to your size to fit fixed rack system. There are permanent stationary units and portable units in different sizes.
  • Saving money- Storing food properly is very important, and if not throwing away food becomes a routine. Frozen storage with fixed rack is the best way of saving money and to keep to minimum the spoils. Cold storage rooms keep vegetables and fruits at the right temperature and extend the fresh produce life longer for use. Thus it supports saving money with minimal waste. The cold storage is not only for vegetables and fruits in bulk. It is useful to store bulk materials such as sugar, flour, and many cooking ingredients. There are various things that needs protection from direct lighting. Save your money through energy bills with frozen cold rooms. A well-run, efficient cold room costs less than other cold storage forms such as freezers or traditional fridges.

Technical details: 

  • 1000-2000kg Load capacity
  • Powder coating shelf system
  • Storage area increase up to 60%
  • Roller racking shelves featuring double-deep shelves and stacking for cold storage

These Frozen storage with fixed rack system warehouse racks ensure accuracy of technical and aesthetic, besides being convenient to disassemble.

Keep your harvest fresher for a longer time, contact us, NSSPL for Frozen storage with fixed rack!

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