Drive In Rack

What is drive-in rack system?

A Drive-in rack system offers maximizing the storage space in a warehouse.  It provides a solution to store large volume products, different pallet goods uniformly, and eliminates area of aisles, optimizing space. The drive-in racking system covers the entire warehouse area. It is combined with other shelf solutions such as Selective, Double deep, etc., creating a mixed warehouse system.

A frozen storage with drive-in rack is designed featuring drive-through / drive-in rails facilitating loading goods by forklifts. Each drive-in racking system has 3to 6 levels as per the warehouse size and the customer’s needs. Consulting NSSPL for the shelves assembling featuring key bolts, takes you to understand the changing distances as per requirement.

2 Drive-in shelf systems

  •  Drive-in (FILO: Frist in/ Last out): Keeping the import-export design in one side, this system follows the first in will come out last. It is suitable for assorted pallet goods, without mentioning the expiry date.
  • Drive-through (FIFO: First in / First out): It is a similar structure storage as frozen storage with drive-in rack. It has rails where the importing is from and exporting from the other. The first products are exported first. It is suitable for all warehouses that concentrate on expiry date, such as drinks, medicines, food, etc.

Advantages of Drive-in Rack: 

There are many advantages that the drive in rack offer maximum compaction of space and perfect control of stock. The advantages of a frozen storage with drive in rack are:

  • 80% space optimization, convenient for forklifts
  • Low assembly and low maintenance costs
  • Cost-effective system, high efficiency
  • Ideal to store loads in low-rotation, maximize warehouse space
  • Enables arranged logistics giving full inventories control
  • Provides maximum performance and uses more than available space
  • Easily to assemble structure, FIFO and FILO storage solutions
  • Maximizes storage height and floor
  • Warehousing for perishable and non-perishable merchandise
  • Warehouses with freezing chambers ensures correct temperature distribution due to space optimization.

A Drive-in rack eliminates the down-aisle picking. Both drive-through and drive-in racking of NSSPL provides various benefits to the efficiency of warehouse.

Key features in Drive-in rack system:

  • Drive-in rack solutions are closely linked, unified system helping control risks and ensure sustainability with long-term use.
  • The design has a firm and solid structure, meeting load and safety factors.
  • The installation and construction are quick, safe, and timely.

A Drive-in rack benefits the warehouse operations. The racking systems low selectivity makes it ideal to store large quantities. Frozen storage with drive in rack are suitable for homogeneous products, products requiring one-time, large moves, and products with long life spans.

These rack systems provide high density and are beneficial for freezer or cooler storage. The drive-in rack is an excellent option facilitating easy storage of perishable items.

No matter, what you store in the drive in rack system, NSSPL will help you design your rack system. Meet your expectations at every step!

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