Controlled Atmospheric Cold Storage

  • This type of storage technology is mainly used for perishable fruits and vegetables like Apples, Pears, Lime, Litchi, Mango, Pomegranates, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Fresh Dates, Groundnut, Orange etc…& similar products.
  • In this type of storage Temperature, Humidity, Carbon-Dioxide, Ethylene, Oxygenand proper air flow within the produce is maintained with high accuracy and precision.
  • NSSPL offer wide capacity range of storage system starting from 500 MT to 50,000 MT and above.

Depending upon the types of products and applications following stacking arrangements inside these storages may be used..

    • Mezzanine Structure
    • BINS

With the advent of controlled atmosphere cold storage, storage and long-time availability of seasonal fruits is now possible. This technology is mainly useful for long term storage of perishable fruits. In this type of cold storage, besides temperature, concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene and nitrogen are also controlled and maintained as per the requirement of the stored material. As relative humidity plays a major role in ripening of these fruits, these storages are technically sound to delay ripening at temperatures above the chilling range in RH modified atmosphere. With our ultra-low oxygen cold storage, perishable fruits can be stored for much longer.

Typically in a controlled atmosphere cold storage, the gas atmosphere needs to be checked and controlled continuously. The respiration rate of the food products causes the change is the atmosphere over some time. A lot of precision and expertise is required in using this technology as too high levels of some gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide can cause injury to the fruit or vegetable. The modified atmosphere delays the respiration rate, delays ripening and prolongs storage life. But it needs to be taken into account that there should not be any physical injury to the product or change in physiology, no formation of undesired odour or fungal infestation or the flavor of the product should not change.-Cold Storage manufacturers

One of the biggest advantage of controlled atmosphere cold storage is besides making a product available for longer duration of time, it reduces the use of post-harvest chemicals used for protection against insects and microorganisms. The kind of atmosphere maintained for the food storage does not support the growth of microbes.- Cold Storage manufacturers

These kinds of storages need great precision and expertise in designing and implementation. Also, constant monitoring by skilled people is required timely. With almost two decades of experience behind us, our experienced team is adept in handling such modifications and technology. We have successfully implemented projects that involved storing apples, litchis, mangoes, pears, lemons etc.

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