Process Cooling

What is process cooling?

Process cooling in its simple form eliminates unwanted heat during the process. The unwanted heat removal is essential to ascertain the process continues in a reliable, efficient, and safe manner. The process cooling is done using mechanical refrigeration and it is required in majority of the applications. The cooling process is required to maintain constant fluid temperature, no matter whatever is the load.

Industrial manufacturing process cooling

Industrial manufacturing requirements are widespread in commercial and Industrial sectors. The process cooling is in two categories:

  • Process cooling– This cooling type is applicable for constant and accurate temperature control within a required process. The chillers are used commonly due to their ability of removing heat and providing cooling. The flow and heat requirements changes as per the ambient temperature.
  • Comfort cooling– This cooling type technology controls the humidity and temperature in the space. The technology is simple and useful for electrical cabinets, cooling rooms, and places that need temperature control to be constant. The units of air conditioning fall in this group of technology.

For detailed information on chiller operation, solution, and the process cooling or chilling process, and system design, contact NSSPL.

Why process cooling?

The industrial processes requires careful managing of the heat load. The overall application features different aspects and requires cooling. The cooling key areas include:

  • Direct product cooling
  • Specific process cooling
  • Machine cooling
  • Cooling plastics in the moulding process
  • Laser and welding cutting machinery
  • Chemical reaction vessels
  • Gearbox and hydraulic circuit cooling

The integrity in many processes rely on precise heat management during the final product. The cooling requirement key drivers are to enhance finished products quality, promote efficiency in a process, increase production speed, prevent product spoilage due to overheat, reduce lag time in cooling,  process safety improvement, reduce damage and wear to machinery, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Selecting a process cooling equipment means bear in mind the chillers used in the cooling systems vary. It differs with the air conditioning market. The terminologies may look similar, and to get exact solutions contact NSSPL. The engineers of NSSPL are available for consultancy. Check with them about controlling the temperature and humidity in the given space. They will suggest you the appropriate process cooling chillers or air conditioning chillers to maintain a consistent and precise temperature. Thus, they will assist and guide you to remove from the processes the surplus heat.

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