Is refrigeration required for pharma?

It is essential to maintain room condition for the Pharma industry. It means the air quality, humidity for Pharma chilling plants, the manufacturing units of drugs and formulation, should meet WHO standards.

The Pharma industry requires refrigerated storage. The goods stored represent products of high value such as business critical intermediates, finished goods, important buffer stocks, and so on. The stored good must be in a precise temperature range sensitive to fluctuation in the temperature. The refrigeration loss does not cause monetary losses, but causes supply chain disturbances. There is the risk of exposure of the buffer stock.

How does chilling help pharma?

Chilling helps prolonging the Pharma products life and preventing it from deterioration. The storage in chilling provides additional assurance that its products are in a cool controlled environment.

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies adhere to strict regulations. They ensure the safety of the chilled storage is at high standard. The chilled storage should be suitable to meet exact requirements of most pharmaceutical companies.

There are various options to consider in chilled storage and they form great storage solutions. No matter, whatever is your requirement, mobile cold storage, walk in freezers, or specific size cold room, do visit NSSPL. It has abundant choices in temperature controlled solutions for storage to suit business needs.

Benefits of chilled storage to Pharma

Multiple uses

  • Pharma chilled storage has many uses and functions. The cold storage units suits all types of product storage. Chilled storage units protect the integrity of sensitive Pharma products requiring refrigerated temperature.
  • Chilled storage maintains precise temperatures ensuring minimum fluctuations. It ensures safe and protected products customizable to suit Pharma requirements. Thus there is less products waste and to optimize validity and efficacy of products.

Freeing up space

Pharma businesses requires specific shape or size to ensure proper chilling and refrigeration storage. The chilled storage benefits is that frees up the space in the premise. It increases productivity, efficiency and acts as back up for product protection. The temperature sensitive drugs and medicines can be stored at different temperatures.

You can fit air thermal mapping to monitor fluctuation.  If there are issues with airflow restriction, ventilation, heating or air conditioning system calculate safe storage as per acceptable standard.

 For high-quality build as per specification, consult NSSPL. The engineers and consultants will recommend energy efficient refrigeration and chilling units.

NSSPL, the masters for cold storage and plant manufacturing that Pharma companies can step in with confidence!

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