Need for a chilling plant?

A centralized system is a chiller plant. It cools the air for a collection of buildings or for one building. It provides HVAC systems air-conditioning.

A chiller is a machine important for chemical industry. It removes heat through adsorption refrigeration, vapor-compression, or absorption refrigeration cycles. Through a liquid coolant.  This liquid is circulated to cool the equipment through a heat exchanger, or using another stream process.

Difference between a chiller and a refrigerator

A refrigerator is an appliance suitable for household purposes.  It preserves food stuff at low temperature.  While chiller is a machine removing heat from a liquid through adsorption refrigeration cycle or vapour-compression.

Industrial refrigeration provides the force of chilling for chemicals and ensures smooth operation of most industries. The industrial refrigeration envelops a gamut of processes that includes high temperature to low and chilling temperature freezers. Industrial refrigeration is a huge sector of business and NSSPL understands the importance and impact of food processing.

Chillers are crucial to have the right temperatures as per the tool or specific apparatus for chemicals. If the process of cooling is not correctly performed, the refrigeration entire process is in danger, when exposed. It may affect other plant processes and when everything is cooled sufficiently, everything runs to its optimum.

The chiller systems consume electrical usage the most in most industrial facilities. In contrast, the complex and technical nature of industrial refrigeration processes present challenges to handle day-to-day functions. Thus it deals with parts, installations, networks and costs of specialized deals in multiple levels.

Chillers in Industrial Applications

Industrial refrigeration are used in majority industries, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, construction to plastics manufacturing.

In these industries, an important role is played by water-cooled chillers. It includes one-ton unit to thousand-ton sizes. The water cooled chillers widely vary in size. They last for a long time and are efficient. Typically, the water-fooled chilling are expensive owing to its maintenance.

Food and chemical processing is a large market for the industrial refrigeration processes. It includes breweries to dairies, bakeries and wineries, where cooling is essential. The dairy industry needs cooling and refrigeration to keep the well-loved product such as cheese in good condition.  It is the reason chilling and refrigeration systems are available in different specifications and dimensions. The industrial units are durable, highly efficient, energy saving, and reliable.

Contact NSSPL for industrial chilling and refrigeration units, the choices are abundant!

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