Brewery requires refrigeration. There are individual refrigeration systems operating in a brewery. However, it is possible to consolidate the chilling requirements to a single industrial unit. The advantage is in maximizing the utilization capacity in your brewery.

Brewery chillers are useful for refrigeration. It is also used for more than one process in your brewery, such that the frequency drive units is variable. In refrigeration applications brewery process chillers help maintaining temperature eliminating temperature fluctuations and without short cycling.

The storage of Brewery in refrigeration is the best. Non-refrigerated storage develops off flavors and accelerates aging.

Sizing a Chiller for Brewery Applications

Industrial chillers consider breweries size making economic sense as microbreweries and regional breweries. They facilitate chillers under 4bbl systems for Nanobreweries, but it is overkill, unless you build for centralizing or expansion of brewery cooling. At such times contact NSSPL knowledgeable support staff to help you in selecting a brewery process chiller. Ensure it meets your unique brewery needs and assists in brewery process.

Cooling facilities in brew pubs and breweries

  • Wort Cooling- The cooling requirements in breweries for chillers and the beer industry are the wort chillers. The requirements vary as per the size of the barrels, wort temperature and the knockout time. Many times it varies as per the brewing beer recipe. Thus, proper sizing of chilling for the wort cooling aspect is tricky in the brewing process.

Wort cooling is done with a plate heat exchanger. In many cases double-walled exchangers are essential to prevent glycol/water mix. Most times heat plated exchangers are efficient.

  • Cold Water Storage Tanks- The cold water storage tanks are found crafting breweries and are good as industrial chillers. The tanks allow storing water pre-chilled to be used quickly after boiling. Industrial chillers replenish chilled water to the cold water storage tanks.
  • Temperature Maintenance of Brite Tanks and Fermenter– In many breweries a cooling hook ensures maintaining temperatures up to Brite tanks and fermenters. These hook up maintain temperatures through the fermenting processes. A chiller is a good option for beer temperatures maintenance. Using industrial chillers to cool fermenters or Brite tanks is a good option, but ensure using a variable frequency drive unit. It prevents short cycling and prolongs the unit’s life.

For more information on chilling and refrigeration for breweries email or call NSSPL, the one-stop solution.

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