Chilling/Refrigeration Plants

NSSPL is expertise in design of industrial refrigeration plant for a wide range of industries includes food, pharma, beverages, brewery, chemical and dairy.

NSSPL provides cooling and heating system customized as per requirement of customer. Most efficient, reliable and energy efficient system. We have an experienced team engaged to understand the customer requirement and advise further a suitable solution.

We promote use of natural refrigerant ammonia (NH3) which has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) rating of Zero and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating of Zero.

NSSPL support customer with well experienced service team at all stages of the project. We trained the operators of the plant to efficiently operator the plant to get maximum output.

We offer skid mounted Chiller packages both Chilled water and Brine.


Pharmaceutical products needs precise temperature and humidity control. We specialize in design of suitable long term storage temperature controlled solutions and Cold Storage for Pharmaceutical Products.

We can offer solutions like clean room cold storages, frozen storages, chiller packages including AHU with dehumidifier


Refrigeration is one of the biggest utility plant in the dairy processing industries. Milk cooling is required from receiving to dispatch and during various products manufacturing process. Each processing step is crucial to maintain the proper temperature of milk.

Refrigeration is key aspect to all these steps as mentioned

  • Milk receiving/chilling
  • Pasteurization
  • Processing and packaging
  • Storage

NSSPL offers turnkey solutions of refrigeration plant for your dairy processing plant.


The authentic flavor of malt beers depends on the accurate temperature control during wort cooling, yeast fermentation to beer chilling. We can offer to our customer the refrigeration/chilling plant which can very precise control the temperature in each processing stage. We can offer water chillers, brine chillers suitable for Brewery industry.


Beverages production requires industrial heating and cooling during various processing stages like syrup cooling, chilling and pasteurization. NSSPL offers customized solution to maintain proper temperature during production, packaging and helps to keep the product fresh and maintain its flavors.

Chilling/Refrigeration Plants

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