Block Ice Plants

Block Ice Plants are one of the solutions manufactured by NSSPL since its inception.

Block Ice are required for many industries, NSSPL provides turnkey solutions for Block Ice plants. The plant consists of the Brine Tank, an Lifting Device running on rails along the sides of the tank, a Thawing Tank, a Tilting Device with an inclined Wooden Table to receive the ice blocks as they slide out of the cans and a Filler. NSSPL Ice blocks come in standard rectangular sizes of from 25 kg to 200 Kgs.


  1. Turnkey solution
  2. Can be customized as per the requirements of the customer
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Ease of operation and maintenance
  5. PLC based control systems
  6. Blocks from 25Kg to 200 Kgs
  7. Blocks comes with selectable sizes with good density and large cold accumulation
  8. Ice moulds are made with 304 SS, aluminium alloy or GI
  9. Daily ice making capacity can be 1 ton to 100 ton


  1. Pharmaceutical industries,
  2. Chemical Industries
  3. Food Industries
  4. Construction industries
  5. Transportations
  6. Local fish and meat markets
  7. Dairy plants

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