Puf Spray Insulation For Cold Storage And Insulated Building

What is PUF insulation?

PUF Spray Insulation for Cold Storage and Insulated Building features two component, polymeric M.D.I, based system to produce rigid urethane foam, hydro-fluoro-carbon blown with 40-45 kg/cum core density on an average by spray application. The PUF insulation offers seamless layer.

The insulation of cold storage is in two layers featuring staggered joints between boards and layers butted tightly. The ESP boards should bond permanently and firmly to the ceiling, wall and roof using adhesives. The floor insulation first layer is bonded while the second layer is dry.

What is PUF coating?

The PUF Spray Insulation for Cold Storage and Insulated Building is applied to the concrete weight joint areas coated pipes. It provides protection to the welded joint area and assists over the rollers with pipe movement. PUF material formulations offer specific performance criteria.


  • The total construction cost is less than traditional framing
  • Weather proof construction and no maintenance
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Long lasting, superb finish, and free from defects
  • Designing flexibility and choosing options on color and fascia of panels
  • Higher energy saving due to low thermal conductivity
  • Easy assembling, commendable structure, precise dimensions
  • Easy to transport between places and highly insulated
  • Light weight panels easy to erect and lift at height within the plant
  • Long lasting value with  accuracy, controlled quality, and construction speed
  • Superior strength
spray insulation

Uses of PUF

PUF Spray Insulation for Cold Storage and Insulated Building are applicable for various reasons such as old storage, food processing industry, prefabricated shelters, living shelters, clean rooms, ripening chambers, high altitude accommodation shelters, wall cladding, health centers, control rooms, and more. You may go through the NSSPL manufacturing design and get as per the construction trend. Related room, building or portable building with roof and walls, the construction is not the same as old days. If you wish to know about angles RCC block, use of bricks and rcc material, you must consult with NSSPL engineers. They will help you in buying and guide you throughout the process. With their guidance you many use sandwich panels that feature high fire resistance, low heat transfer, easy to dismantle, easy to fix, easy to transport, etc. The sandwich panels are useful in India in the construction industry. The PUF Spray Insulation for Cold Storage and Insulated Building is suitable as ripening chamber, prefab shelter, control room, porta cabin, freezer room, wall cladding, insulated sheet, and more.

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