Spiral Freezer

NSSPL is offering customized solutions for various food freezing and chilling requirements. We have developed SPIRAL freezer for a wide range of food products like fried coated foods, prepared foods, vegetables, dairy products, seafoods, meat products, bakery products. Our freezer is optimized, safe and reliable to meet your freezing and chilling portfolio.

NSSPL Spiral Freezer Key Features:

  • Efficient air flow design for uniform chilling and freezing
  • High efficient evaporator design with SS tubes and al fins
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Various belt configuration as per layout and space availability
  • Hygienic design with fully welded SS structure material and SS floor with efficient drain design
  • Suitable options for belt, floor and enclosure as per customer requirement
  • Modules can be configured as per product dimension customized belt width, turn radius and number of tier and tier pitch.
  • Belt cleaning arrangement
  • SS enclosure Control system using Siemens and AB PLC with touch screen showing various running parameter and adjustment from the panel.
  • High efficient Axial fans with motor for continuous low temperature application and uniform air distribution


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