Vibrating Shaker

What is shaker vibration testing?

Vibrating shaker testing allows predicting a component or equipment failure modes. It allows monitoring the dynamic behavior and to promote their reliability.

You may speak to NSSPL to get the design as per your requirement in high quality, shipping containers and effective products. It should be in accurate measure sensitivity to vibration.  You can seek advice from NSSPL technicians and meet a range or DOT, ASTM, ISO, ISTA, and vibrating shaker testing federal standards.

How to choose a vibration shaker?

Vibration and shock testing shakers are transducers, force generators providing a shock, vibration or modal excitation source for analysis and testing. The vibration shaker is useful to assess component or product performance under shock loads or vibration. It helps detect flaws, verify product designs, check modal analysis, simulate the vibration conditions or shock in aerospace, measure structural fatigue of a material or a system, or other areas.


There are three test modes for vibrating shaker testing. They are sine wave vibration, random vibration, and pulse or shock mode. The test mode of random vibration, the velocity of the table, and the force vary randomly. As the wave test mode differs, the velocity and force of the table and the test are similar at times. The test sample during a shock test gets exposed to high amplitude force pulses. Proprietary and specialty shock and vibration testing shakers are available.


  • Shock and vibration testing shakers operates under different principles.
  • Electrodynamic shakers create vibration and force using electromagnet.
  • Mechanical shakers use a motor to generate vibration on the shaft
  • Hydraulic shakers are useful during large force amplitudes such as testing marine structures or large aerospace or even when the electrodynamic generators magnetic fields cannot be tolerated.

Selecting shock and vibration testing shakers requires specifications analysis and features. The most important is to consult NSSPL. The engineers at NSSPL will guide you about the specifications and its ratings that cannot be predicted always. An integral slip allows vertical and horizontal samples testing. Normally, frequency range, peak velocity, acceleration, displacement and peak sinusoidal force is taken into consideration. NSSPL will guide you to active suspension system, vibrating shaker, and compensate for floating or environmental platform variations.

Contacting NSSPL indicates you can never go wrong!

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