Peas/Carrots Processing Line

What is peas and carrots processing line?

Peas and carrots processing line is where peas is prepared or treated using a special method. It is to preserve them. These may be frozen peas and carrots prepared from clean, fresh, sound, immature seed from the common garden.

The peas are prepared by washing, sorting, shelling, and blanching. The carrots are prepared by washing, trimming, sorting, cutting, peeling into cubes and blanching. The ingredients prepared are drained and mixed properly. They are frozen as per commercial practice and at regular temperatures essential for the product preservation.

How do these processing lines perform?

Peas and carrots processing line offer excellent performance. They avail in attractive designs, colors, and sizes. The processing machinery performs the standard steps including:

  • Podding or depodding
  • In feed equipment
  • Washing to remove sand and stone
  • Air separator to eliminate leaves and other foreign particles
  • Cooling and blanching
  • Sorting and inspection
  • Freezing
  • Dewatering
  • Sorting
  • Weighing, packing

All the Peas and carrots processing line equipment is in stainless steel and is manufactured by NSSPL. They are serving the industries for many years and maintain the ISO and HACCP food processing industry standards. Every machine is tested before delivery.

Why buy a Peas and carrots Processing Machine?

Treasuring the customer’s satisfaction is important as it delivers excellence to customers. The processing machine offers mesmerizing quality and offer the machines in different ranges for each vegetable such as green peas processing machine, carrots processing machine, and tomato processing machine.

There are specialized designs and manufacturing of processing machinery. They come in as complete lines. The processing technology of vegetable is a reliable service. The goal is to ensure the vegetables processing line is available for individual vegetables and it enjoys the advantage of advanced equipment. The production line can quick freeze the vegetables and store as required.


Visiting NSSPL gives an opportunity to know more about Peas and carrots processing line. There are hundreds of machines and the skilled engineers here offer effective service to customers. They explain the new technique and technology showing the advantages it offers. The processing line machinery of NSSPL is reliable in running, effective in treatment, convenient in operation, widely used in processing industries, scientific in design, ideal, suitable for economical production line and ensures energy and investment saving.

There is no turning back after reaching NSSPL. Just go ahead!

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