Infeed Shakers

What are infeed shakers?

Infeed shakers are evenly designed to separate the soil and to feed into the slicing section. There is the outfeed shaker and it is designed mainly to screen the fines.

Precisely, Infeed shakers is a potato sorting professional machine. It is essential for all the food processing companies while they process the potatoes. The grading machine sorts, checks and assures the product quality. It is important to have quality control in the food processing line and so getting the right equipment is more important. Contacting NSSPL is the right step if you want to buy the right potato sorting equipment.

The potatoes come on the infeed shakers in bulk so that it is then transported by v-lanes. The v-belts speed ascertains the potatoes are properly stored and discharged. The need for an infeed shaker machine is a must for operation. The potatoes need to undergo the sorting process so that they are scanned and classified. The potato sorters are sorted on the basis of its size, color, defects, waste, and shape. The machines have a roller, a dosing unit, a camera and also an ejection zone to show exist to potatoes that differ in quality.

Operation of the Potato Infeed Shakers

The potato Infeed shakers work as the grading machines and they are as follows:

  1. Input
The potatoes arrives on the Infeed shakers in bulk quantities and are transported by v-lanes forward. The v-belts speed ensures the potatoes are sorted out properly, so that the roller conveyor cups are filled optimally.
  1. Inspection
The potatoes in the camera area get inspected optically. The roller conveyor goes under the camera taking a rotation of 400 degree. The design is hygienic and the machine camera takes inspection to 100% and also prevents the camera lens contamination. On the basis of the cameras reading the classification of the potatoes are done relying on the software that highlights the characteristics such as estimated weights, size, shape, color, and defects.
  1. Grading

With the classification of the potatoes by the software, the ejection zone opens. Here mechanically or pneumatically grading of potatoes is done before entering the exit zone.  The exit zone functions are as per the earlier fed information to check characteristics that are specific and quality.

For more information on Infeed shakers, call NSSPL. Their engineers and skilled technicians can throw light on the functioning of this potato machine.

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