Fruits/Vegetable Washers

What does fruit and vegetable washers do?

The fruit and vegetable washers are a part of the food processing machinery. They involve machines to handle post-harvest produce. It includes grading and sorting of fruits and vegetables in fruit processing. They undergo manual inspection, remove damaged products and are washed before transferring to the next process or stage. It is an equipment that is useful for the fruits and vegetables grading in varying sizes.

Fruit and vegetable washer’s features 
The designs of the fruit and vegetable washers vary as per the vegetables and fruits. Vegetables such as soft, leafy, hard, and root vegetables require separate washing and handling the systems as per their shape, size, and dirtiness level.  The final designing of the process of washing of fruits and vegetables are with NSSPL, one of the explant machine manufacturers. It is best to consult NSSPL before the products are bought or are processed further. Mostly the fruit and vegetable washers are in the 100 to 10MT/hr capacity and is appropriate for small and large scale food processing industry.

Fruit & Vegetable Washer types

  • Fruit & Vegetable Washer- It is suitable to wash fruits and vegetables such as litchi, apple, tomato, carrot, leafy and root vegetables. These fruits or vegetables are subjected to strong agitation of water and co-axial tumble washing ascertains deep cleansing and dirt removal. It is fitted with ozone sterilization enhancing the process of cleaning and sterilization. However, washers are available in different capacities.
  • Rotary type – The fruit and vegetable washers of the rotary type are ideal for washing and peeling root vegetables. It includes vegetables such as potato, carrot, radish, beetroot, ginger, and many other root vegetables. The incorporation of the washer rotary drum washing is that it tumble washes the vegetables. It also undergoes a high-pressure washing spray mechanism. The washer is designed and manufactured featuring peeler brushes within the rotary drum. The brushes are in hard nylon rotating on the axis. It peels the root vegetable fed while tumble washing. The hard root vegetable undergo jet pressure nozzles.
Buying fruit and vegetable washers of any type may be confusing initially. It also requires choosing the right type of machine for washing. Getting a knowledgeable and skilled team from NSSPL designing your requirement is the best. You can be specific of your requirements and they will suggest you the capacity.

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