What does blanchers do?

Blanchers bring the food products exposing to steam or boiling water for a brief time and cools them quickly bring the process of cooking to a halt. Blanching is an important operation in the food processing as vegetable blancher or fruit blancher. It removes starches or sugars from a product and provides to the product heat treatment, facilitating product handling.

The blanchers or the process of blanching removes metabolic gasses and trapped air within vegetable cells. It replaces the same with water. It is useful to remove the vegetable and fruit skins while processing. Blanching in a food processing machine the products are known as blanchers.


  • Retains flavor and texture
  • Brightens color
  • Cleanses the surface
  • Softens vegetables
  • Retard loss of vitamins

Most food blanchers use rotary, drum, belt or the screw technology to move products via processing machine. The heating is done by steam, hot water or other liquid in a batch or continuous manner. A blancher immerses in the hot water the product or steam and a constant temperature is maintained. Thus, the product stays immersed in the hot or steam water for a specific time.

Types of blanchers

Steam blanchers are one of the types of blanchers where a product is transported by a belt conveyor or a chain through a chamber. It allows the steam to flow at 100°C approximately. Steam blanching is used to cut small products. It also needs less time in comparison to water blanching as the transfer of heat is coefficient in the condensing steam that is more than hot water.

Steam blanchers retain nutrients and solids yielding a fresher and crispier looking product. They leave very little water on the product, making them suitable for freezing operations.

Water blanchers are another types of blanchers featuring a pan with outlet and inlet ends. In the pan bottom are several outlets and they are connected to the circulation system. This system distributes water to the pan through injectors. The water is directly heated by a heat exchanger or injected steam.

Above the pan full length is a hood and it has a paddle conveyor. The paddles go into the pan down and divide into suitable compartments the blancher. It thus ensures the blanching time to the product. Water blanching is typically from 70°C to 100°C. It allows processing at low temperatures, offering uniform treatment.

Blanchers are the same as cookers. The difference of a blancher or a cooker is in its operating temperatures and retention times. For more information on blanchers contact NSSPL. They are the masters of technology and food products machinery. Normally blanchers work at high temperatures and short time, while cookers work at higher temperatures assuring longer retention times.

What is a potato Blancher?

Potato blancher is the process of dunking the pre-cooked, sliced potatoes in scalding vat of oil or water. The potatoes are life for a short time in the liquid then are removed hastily and placed immediately into cold water container to stop the process of cooking.

The potato blancher is a machine to blanch French fries or potato chips in the hot water and the temperature of the blanching is set to 80℃-100℃.  The fries and chips machinery for blanching is the same as any machinery used as potato fryer. The main use of this machine is to eliminate the inside starch from the potatoes and to enable the French fries or fried potato chips color.

This potato blancher is widely used blanching machine. The batch-type blanching machine for potato features manual discharging. The blancher blanches in hot water to shorten the frying time and to deactivate enzymes.   

Commercial potato blanching machinery

The commercial machinery for potato blanching is used to retain the potatoes color while preparing potato strips, chips, and diced potatoes. It is done to avoid effectively the brown oxidation. An important part of the production of French fries and potato chips is blanching. This potato blanching machine is suitable for small foods processing line, as well.

Role of a food blancher and vegetable blancher

A food blancher immerses food in boiling water for a minute or two and gives an ice bath fast to cool the food off rapidly. A vegetable blancher is crucial for frozen vegetables.  It stops or slows the enzyme action causing loss of color, flavour and texture. Bear in mind to concentrate on the blanching time as it varies with each vegetable and size.

Food safety compliance is about concentrating on all the points in the production line. It is because contamination can take place everywhere. Using NSSPL machinery assures no issues pre and post-processing. All their machinery parts are non-corrosive, leaving no room to doubts. NSSPL machine bearings feature sealing technology, reducing the grease escaping risk from the bearing and the contaminants are away. Even the sealing is in food grade compounds.

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