Air Dryers

What is an air dryer?

An air dryer is an equipment piece used to remove moisture from the air, especially compressed air. Typically, the ambient air is around 30 to 50% as relative humidity. The high moisture content in the air is detrimental to operation of plant.

The air dryers purpose is suppressing the compressed air dew point. It does it by removing water. The compressed air contains moisture and in the right conditions the dew point temperature condense into a liquid that is harmful. It is a big problem contaminating your equipment or products, causing frozen pipes. It results in corrosion and other issues.

What is air dryer for compressor?

Compressed air dryers is an equipment piece designed to separate moisture or water vapor from industrial air process. Here the compressor drawn humid air in and compresses it, thereby raising the temperature of air and cooling the water vapor condensing air out of the unit.

The use of air dryer for compressor is essential to safeguard production. Water and condensation in abundance ensures the air flow causes severe damage to the production and equipment. Thus, the water in the compressed air system leads to rust in piping and boilers.

A typical system is where the air flows to an after cooler from the compressor and it lowers the temperature, causing condensation, thereby it eliminates majority of water. Installation of coalescing filters remove water in excess. Air dryers are essential for any circuit requires treatment. They remove water from the compressed air before reaching some crucial processes or components.

Compressing air does not alone require removal of moisture. There are manufacturing and industrial processes facilitating water removal such as baking, dewatering, foodstuffs dehydration, industrial drying, cleaning, and steam heating. The processes requirement for different air dryer types to remove moisture from a mass or product to make it solid, dry and pure. The dryers used in application help operating through heat transfer basic principles that are convection, conduction, and radiation. The difference is in air drying that removes moisture through adsorption, refrigeration, filtration, diffusion, and absorption.

Compressors draw ambient air containing some water vapor. The compressing air process around 100 psi increases the air’s temperature, besides the water-holding and dew point capacity. Any downstream subsequent cooling will cause water vapor to condense. In pneumatic systems, the liquid water creates problems such as bacteria and corrosion growth, and it leads to component breakdowns or sluggish controls. Thus, air dryer types are essential to mitigate water issues.

NSSPL, India, is one of the best air dryer manufacturer. They expertise in compressed air drying as the technology leader. Manufacturing air dryers helping to eliminate unwanted moisture that includes oil vapour and water vapour from air compressed sources. The air supply has excessive moisture causing several problems for the pneumatic systems that the air dryers are classified into high and low pressure dryers.

Compressed air drying is in different types of air dryers such as Desiccant dryers, Refrigeration dryer, and customized engineered air dryers.

What Is a Compressor Air Dryer?

Air dryer for a compressor is required when moisture can enter your air compressing machine and air in different ways. Using an extension, undersized or overworked air compressor or malfunctioning parts used in an air compressor may absorb moisture from the surrounding. The environment operating in a compressor makes a difference. High humidity atmospheres hold moisture in lots than non-humid atmospheres.

There will be some moisture level present always and it can cause corrosion, rust, and contaminate the compressed air quality. Pure compressed air quality damages the end-use or final product. Reducing the moisture amount in the compressed air helps prolong the machine life. Thus it is critical to have compressed air dryer.

A compressed air dryer significantly reduces the moisture amount in compressed air. It creates more sanitary workplace that is safer, while air dryers promote products of high-quality. Thus, it reduces the compressed air contamination.  However, before choosing an air dryer manufacturer or a compressed air dryer, know these information for your business:

  • The air temperature required
  • Specific use of compressed air
  • Desired dew point pressure
  • Kind of environment the operation place of the air compressor
  • How frequently the compressed air will be in use.

Please bear in mind that with the difference in businesses, the requirement of air compressors also vary. There are multiple air compressor dryers types and the air dryer price in India is from Rs.15000 and higher. With the details and specifications, the prices increase.It is best to consult NSSPL, the experts in air dryers and air compressors. As there are multiple types of air compressor dryers and the need varies, consulting the engineers of NSSPL will ensure you pay the right air dryer price in India. You also are assure of right specification and high-quality machines.

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