Store Loader

What are store loaders?

After harvesting, storing the potatoes is mandatory. You must store it such that the product is safe, it means storing product-friendly, to your best. This storage relies on your situation. If you are not clear about storing, check with NSSPL. They will be happy to sort your issues with storage. They will examine and suggest the best suited store loader to ensure you get the best result.

A store loader is a must for people handling the crop in bulk quantities. Look for store loaders that adjust automatically the storage line capacity so that the flow of the product is continuous. Besides the most important is the low drop heights. The product flow is constant ensures you have the quality without damage. The store loaders are machines that require low maintenance.

Advantages of a store loader

Economic- A store loader featuring modern designs incorporate latest technologies and have a professional image. They are deep troughed conveyor that is wide to ensure they handle a capacity of over 150 tonner an hour, yet the crops are in good condition due to conveyor belt speed that is product-friendly.

Contact NSSPL engineers to know the details of a store loader so that you buy the right machine. It should ensure maximum retention of quality of the product. The frame construction should be open and easily accessible, while the falling soil and debris does not accumulate within the machine.

Innovative- Store loaders are valuable investments. It features a feed belt fitted and the receiving side has a flat conveyor belt, assuring handling in the gentlest way of the crop. It offer high continuous capacity and high belt speed.  It is easy and customized to use as per the requirements.

Reliable- Buy a reliable store loader so that even with intensive use it works without giving trouble. The motor should keep the conveyor belt moving ensuring maximum grip. Getting a perfect discharge means to fill storage trucks or buildings. A small roller return makes achieving the expected low drop height. The added advantage is the conveyors nodding end assuring perfect discharge.

How are store loaders useful?

The store loaders come in varying lengths of 16, 19 and 22 metres, ensuring ease of use. It integrates the machine design with a control box. An optional or a wired wireless remote control allows the store loader to operate the functions that working using a store loader machine is a pleasure. The biggest advantage highlighting the usefulness of the store loader is that it can be configured as per customer specifications through its filling programs-

  • Comfort- to fill in layers a storage cell
  • Farmer- use it for regular filling using ultrasonic side-wall detection and not any pole
  • Dynamic- suitable to fill layers and there is incline angle capacity and virtual side walls.

NSSPL is a specialist in storage and sorting technology. Consult with them about store loaders and get your potatoes stored quickly ensuring maximum product quality.

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