What is a potato scooter?

 A potato scooter is helpful in the processing of potatoes, no matter whether you are a fresh-packer, a farmer or a producer focusing on potato specialities, potato flakes, potato chips, or frozen potato products. There are best peeling, sorting, grading and moving machines to suit the requirements.

The potato scooter picks the crop up from the floor of the warehouse or storage. The process of picking up the potatoes is of high performance. It transfers the potatoes to the conveyors. The potato scooper scooters feature a 50m belt width and a range of 11m offering high throughput rate. At the discharge side there is height adjustment such that it lets the crop fall gently, ensuring safe handling of the crop. If you want to get idea on the height adjustment, consult NSSPL. Their engineers and technicians can help you in understanding the height adjustment requirements facilitating easy discharge of crops.

The conveyor features adjustment allowing maximum adoption to several conditions.  The machine is manoeuvrable owing to the hydraulic single-wheel drive. It is powerful, comfortable, enabling high productivity that is precise and fast moving machine. The adaptation variable makes the range to shift the scooper scooter position and it does without the need to move the storage line.

Highlighted features 

  • Trough-shaped belt featuring active side panels with gentle conveying
  • PU drop brake assuring gentle transfer of the crop
  • Optimum flow of the crop with infinite variable belt speed
  • Ergonomical position of seating and picking platform
  • Ball-bearing rollers in steel that it is maintenance-free and lifetime-lubricated
  • Adjustable belt speed, mobile
  • Adjustable single wheel drive, half-round rail
  • Ergonomic platform featuring armrests with controls


Advantages in using the potato scooter

Easy transfer– The product transfer is easy. The potatoes transferring through the chassis is easy making the operation comfortable. The scooter has active side panels and a trough-shaped belt that ensures gentle conveying of the potatoes. It does not cause any damage to the crops.  During this process the crops are also transferred with ease in bulk quantities. If not for the scooter it is hard to consider gentle or smooth operations.

Hydraulic movements– The hydraulic lowering and lifting of the scooper scooter ensures perfect discharge of crops. The hydraulic drive assures maximum torque and it is because of the driver’s seat on the scooter is ergonomical, offering the driver to view the pick-up area with ease.  The transfer or discharge is smooth as the downstream conveyors use the transfer aid that are in polyurethane, finger-shaped plastic comb and the pulled belt drive featuring ‘non-slip’.

Strong construction– The potato scooter frame construction is strong and closed that it offers the assurance of a lifetime. They also features adjustable height exactly at the discharge side that the movement of integration into the line is no hassle. There is the variable belt speed also to ensure the crop flow to be optimum, thereby time is saved to a great extent.

The scooter is the best machine for potato handling as it is simple to determine the fixed point to discharge to downstream mounted conveyors.  Consult NSSPL for the right choice of machines and scooter features.

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