Box Tipper

What is a Box tipper?

A box tipper places a box in the machine and tilts the box slowly such that an elevator or a hopper fills it. The box tipper is for plastic or cardboard boxes, octabins, and gaylords placed on pallets. These octabins and boxes contain plastic bottles.

A box tipper is useful in dumping plastic bottles into a hopper turning unscramble in a reliable and easy way. It is a semiautomatic machine. The operator empties the box and removes inner any inner plastic bag. A box tipper on getting empty gets back to the loading position, while the operator removes and loads a new box. The advantage is that a box tipper has a safety enclosure. It is a compact element allowing low maintenance and easy handling.

How is a box tipper useful?

A box tipper makes work simple for the operator handling the octabins and boxes. He can do it efficiently, safely and save time. A box tipper unit offers delivering products efficiently directly from a bin or box to a production line. A box tipper has the ability to tip a range of bins and boxes up to 1500 kgs with 30 degrees tipping angle past the horizontal.

The tipper loads through a fork lift truck or a pallet. The Box Tipper is actuated using hydraulic cylinders or a geared electric motor. The machine features a control panel. The control allows the operator to initiate the machines function by depressing on the mounted panel the start push button.

However, before buying a box tipper, look for a high-end machinery plant manufacturer such as NSSPL. They hold all the successful commercialization ingredients and are the industrial experts.

Best features of a box tipper

  • The lift system is easy and simple to maintain
  • Lifting capacity up to gross 1500 kg
  • Guards interlocked to current standard
  • Stainless steel 304 construction and food grade plastics
  • Clamped shroud preventing foreign materials from entering the flow of the product during tipping.
  • Gear motor with lifting via sprocket and chain or direct geared motor.
  • Mechanical safety doors
  • Automate operation and through the control panel and monitor lift sequence

Box tipper from well-known companies such as NSSPL offer custom designed tip boxes. They are ergonomically safe and are boxed product offering easy access. The box tippers are ideal solutions ensuring employees safety as they perform repetitive tasks. They come in a range of configurations, lengths, shapes, and sizes. The box tipper is durable to meet demanding environment and they have safety features. Each box tipper is made to your requirements. It is customized as per specifications and to meet sanitary equipment design principles. They ascertain to be safe in food processing plants.

The need for expert companies such as NSSPL is required so that the designs meet your specific application. The box tippers feature carriage and heavy duty frame. They are robust and durable in design to withstand demanding use. They also meet sanitary equipment designs to ensure safe and clear use in the facilities of food processing.

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