Bag Filler

What is a bag filler?

A bag filler is done automatically and is the easiest. An automatic machine for bag filling is useful for businesses dealing in packing. It is a machine or an equipment helping ease your packaging operations. These machines grab pouches or bags, drop the raw material into the bags, and seal them. The packages are ready to transport.

Role of a bag filling machine

 Some of the functions coming with an automatic bag filler machine are:

  • A bag filler machine is designed specifically for granular products such as animal feed, seeds, rice, maize, pulses, soybeans, granules, etc.
  • It is easy to mount them below the storage.
  • They support operations in high speed through self-optimizing program.
  • Their speed of packing is 14 bags per minute.
  • Models are in the ranges of 5 to 25 kg, 10 to 50 kg, 10 to 100 kg giving an accuracy of ± 20g for up to 50kg and ± 50g up to 100kg

Exploring the benefits on choosing NSSPL for your equipment. They are the manufacturing specialists who can help you to choosing the right equipment. They also are the original equipment manufacturers to assist you in repairs.

Uses of an automatic bag filling machine

Here are several ways you can use a bag filler in your packaging operations.

  • Filling– It is the main function that adds raw materials into smaller pouches or bags. Fill the food items in various quantities. It is useful for retail products having specific quantities on the packaging label. You may meet compliance and regulatory norms with accurate products packaging.
  • Sealing– The raw material in a desired quantity is added to the pouch or bag and the bag filler machine seal it. Thus the product has no external interference and the quality or the weight is not disturbed. Customers also like buying products with correct sealing.

What are the advantages of a bag filler machine?

The advantages of using a bag filler machine are:

  • Efficiency– The products manual packaging may be cumbersome. It is time-consuming and may lead to inefficiencies. You can look for improved production levels and efficiency with automatic bag filler machines.  Manual packaging is cumbersome, prone to errors, time-consuming and leads to inefficiencies. The automatic bag filling systems offer improved production levels and efficiency. It helps in meeting deadlines of production.
  • Accuracy– The chances of getting errors is fewer due to the bag filling automatic machines. It offers accuracy and meeting the production standards is possible. It leads to customer satisfaction and promotes business profits.
  • Labour costs– Cut on labor costs by going for bagging automation process. There is no need for employees to face errors and to work on tasks time-intensive. It also gives enough time for your employees to concentrate on other tasks.
The benefits of a bag filler machine are many. Yet, choosing an equipment facilitating production process means it is one name NSSPL. They are certified manufacturing and repair specialist having trained personnel on manufacturer’s equipment.

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