Shake Grader

What is a shake grader?

A shake grader is to grade potatoes as per the square size design. The potatoes are fed on the machine top on the top sieve. The machine sieves shake the sequential frequencies and it makes the potatoes move along the sieves. The sieves movements is caused by the machine front side motor. It drives a crankshaft causing the sieves shaking. The machine features a frequency inverter that is computer controlled. It causes the sieves to shake in sequential frequencies.

The shake grader sieves grade the potatoes as per their square sizes. The move the potatoes and drop in a slot matching their size. Thus the motions of the sieves trigger the machine front-side motor. The crankshaft of the engine causes the shaking of the sieves.

Is grading important?

Potato grading is important as it faces challenges. This effort requires manual assessing to meet the standards. Besides the internal quality issues is difficult for manual sorters to understand the internal defects. The clear-cut solution was grading of potatoes was important. Fortunately, huge companies such as NSSPL are manufacturing the best machinery offering premium value for the produce. NSSPL provides the pre and post-harvest solutions, ensuring a profitable and successful business solutions.

Apparently, it is hard to cut each potato or to perform quality control check randomly. It will ruin lot of time and the substantial produce part. Using infra-red technology enables detection of defects under the skin. Thus the right solution is to get NSSPL machines and technology working to provide quality assessment. It offers a reliable indication of internal quality of produce.

The associated challenge is in grading the potatoes effectively. It involves handling the diversity of shape and size for different varieties. The unique design potato grader can be at high capacity while it achieves a 360° rotation consistently of each potato. The NSSPL machines are highly useful for grading as they have multi-spectral hi-resolution cameras taking photos of each potato as it rotates beneath the lens. It allows quality and efficiency work seamlessly to give the best results.  The grading software of the NSSPL machines ensure perfect potato grading solution. Thus maximum return on the harvest is assured.

NSSPL can optimize the sorting, grading, and packing operation. It supplies the advanced potato grading technologies, and one such is the shake grader. There is the facility of discovering possibilities relating to potato grader.

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