Length Grader

What is the use of a length grader machine?

A length grader produces high quality products. It helps in seed cleaning plants and rice milling. The shorter or broken grains are over half the whole grain length. It can be separated by sieving or grading based on thickness.

It is helpful to use a length grader machine while grading vegetables such as radish, carrot, lady fingers, and cucumber. 

A length grader is made to sort carrots or similar shaped vegetables or fruits. A length grader machine is designed to filter oversized carrots as they do not fit packaging. It also eliminates the undersized and broken carrots. You can check with NSSPL for such machines and also get it designed as per the grading capacities and sizes. If required, it will be delivered at your place. This machine features a stainless steel bed that it shows the machine is safe to use and is of right food grade for the products. To assure long life, galvanized steel is the best frame for the machine.

The salient features are:-

  • A designed length grader machine for smooth and accurate grading.
  • Easy replacement of cylinder for grading.
  • Precision engineering finish and components ensuring ideal performance.
  • Easy adjusting feature with accurate wheel control offering product discharge.
  • Offers constant speed maintaining same rice quality.

Where to buy a length grader?

Buying NSSPL length grader means you can look for different types. If you get the indent cylinder type, you can separate the shorter or broken grains as per length. It is separated by the width or thickness grader. It is a machine that is a must for rice millers to use and even exporters looking to get products of high quality may get the length grader machine.

The grader consisting of a horizontal cylinder features high tensile steel sheets segments. It separates rice as per length with its pressed shaped indentation. At cylinder one end is the input of the grain. There are specially formed spreaders distributing the rice to ascertain the grains contact the surface cylinder.

Ensure a long life-span length grader machine from NSSPL. They hold expertise in supplying and manufacturing exclusive grading machines. The length grader in thick and thin graders helps accomplish client’s needs. The machines are of good quality material and support latest technology. The machines assortment is power efficient, compact in size and lots more.

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