Electronic Sorting & Grading

What is sorting and grading?

Sorting is based on individual properties of raw materials such as size, weight, density, shape, photometric property, etc. The classification of grading is on the quality incorporating basis commercial value, official standards, and end use.

Sorting and grading is crucial as the raw materials contain inedible components or have different physical characteristics. The techniques of processing such as grading, sorting, trimming, dehulling, screening and destemming are essential to acquire the raw material required uniformity for further processing.

Electronic Sorting & Grading is an automated process using cameras. It helps in sorting solid products. It depends on the sensors types and the intelligence of the image processing. It includes the objects size, shape, color, and structural properties. The sorter feature removes foreign materials and defective products from the production line. Check NSSPL and acquire their help in separating products from different types or grades of materials.

Why is electronic sorting & grading done?

 Electronic sorting & grading is done to separate well from ugly harvest. The grading is done for a group of products into quality grade or class as per the quality class criteria and grade or commodity. Grading is categorization or sorting of vegetables and fruits as per the color, shape, size, and volume to get high price.

Effective sorting and grading is best with NSSPL as they offer rollers system ensuring damage free produce handling and gentle grade cups for soft food. The system may include waxer, pre-dryer or dryer for fruits as treatment.

Electronic sorting & grading is a system of quality analysis. It plays a crucial role in promoting food safety. The process of sorting for different produce starts by identifying more obvious and larger defects. They ensure no foreign material enters the facilities or the processing plants.

Benefits ofelectronic sorting & grading

  • Sustainable activities optimizing resources
  • Maximized recovery and yield, decreasing food waste
  • Ascertains premium quality representing the brand
  • Increased efficiency and the sorting is in high-capacity

Buying or deciding to buy an Electronic sorting & grading machine is a good decision if you consult experts industries such as NSSPL. They can ensure an optical belt sorting machine ensuring elimination with high accuracy. NSSPL engineers can offer the perfect combination of light, camera, and other techniques. They will give you the right advice that you can enjoy controlled item supply.

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