Fruits/Vegetables Sorting & Grading Lines

What is Fruits and vegetables Sorting and Grading lines?

Sorting is a process to separate foods on the basis of physical property. It helps in separating foods such as shape, size, color or weight. On the other hand, grading refers to the separation of various factors to be taken into account to accomplish the same.

The over mature and immature or properly mature fruits and vegetables are sorted for best reasons. Fruits And vegetables Sorting and Grading lines is a type of sorting the fruits and vegetables as per their shape, size, and other details into different grades. It is the grading and sorting that fetches the exact and high price in the market. Yet, for exact details, specifications and information call NSSPL, the one-stop solution.

Grading of fruits and vegetables

Grading of fruits are on the bases of weight, size, gravity, variety, color, etc. The grading size is with all types of fruits as per the size. The fruits grading is as small, large, medium, and extra-large. On the maturity basis, fruits are graded as immature, over mature, and properly mature.  Fruits And vegetables Sorting and Grading lines decide the shelf life and quality. For instance mangoes few types are graded as per their weight, while some are as per the sp.Gravity.

The fruit vegetables such as bell pepper, bitter gourd, okra, green chilli, brinjal, etc. are graded on the size basis into three grades as large and small medium. The vegetables grading on the color basis is with tomato.

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Sorting of Fruits and Vegetables

Separating different fruits and vegetables is known as sorting. It relies on:

  • Diseased vegetable and fruit may be collected from and it is a must to do sorting.
  • Damaged product should be kept separate from the well mature product and the fruit lot.
  • Insect cutting fruit should be avoided so that consumers get good fruits
  • Mature fruit is tasty and highly preferred.
  • Consumers get attracted by good colored fruits and it also indicated the seed maturity level.
  • The shape while packaging is important in sorting. The size also matters.

The main objective of Fruits And vegetables Sorting and Grading lines is earning more income. Grading creates brand value, and is good in quantity, quality, and test. Confirming with NSSPL can ensure the agri-businesses enjoy more profits. The produce is good in quality and the number of damaged pieces are nil.

Fruits/Vegetables Sorting & Grading Lines

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