Material Handling Equipment

What is material handling equipment?

Material handling equipment falls in four categories particularly and they are the bulk handling, engineered systems, handling and storage equipment and industrial trucks.

Material handling systems and equipment are crucial to companies and industries. They need to store and handle bulk materials. Material handling equipment manufacturers suggest buying designed equipment to control, move, and store or protect material through various processes at facilities and warehouses. Finding this equipment across industries is possible due to its versatility. Yet knowing about the equipment from NSSPL ensures you can get the right outfit for your facility and the equipment will suit your company needs.

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You may check with NSSPL regarding the material handling equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad. You can get to know about the primary advantages in using the handling equipment for the materials and how to pick the exact equipment.

Material handling equipment types

Bulk handling material equipment

The bulk handling equipment relates to the manufacturers designing the equipment to store and move materials in a loose form.  These pieces of equipment handle liquid, food, minerals, and metal items.

For a clear idea of the bulk material equipment types include:

  • Hoppers- the funnel shaped large objects to pour loose materials into containers.
  • Conveyor belts- These rotate belts to move materials in bulk and may be pulleys or drums facilitating moving from one location to another.
  • Reclaimers- They are huge machines to pick from a stockpile of a company the loose materials.
  • Grain and bucket elevators- They help moving bulk materials, they also store and transport on a production pathway.
  • Stackers- These are automated Material handling equipment to move loose materials and they help own stockpiling.

Industrial trucks

Industrial trucks cover several types of equipment, designed to assist material transportation. These range from small to large hand-operated equipment and driveable equipment. There are non-stacking and stacking trucks, designed solely for transportation.

Primary kinds of industrial trucks:

  • Pallet trucks- They are machine operators known as forklifts. It is useful in lifting heavy pallets. Big industries such as NSSPL are the giant material handling equipment manufacturers in Ahmedabad.
  • Hand trucks- These are simple equipment pieces designed to roll to new locations heavy materials.
  • Order pickers- The materials are stored up as per order pickers such that the machines lift operators for them to access materials hard-to-reach.

Engineered systems

Engineered systems are referred to as automated systems and the equipment handles bulk material to store and transport. These automated systems are many pieces and remove manual labor to handle different tasks. Some of the engineered systems are:

  • Automated guided vehicles- These are trucks computer-operated and they feature detectors and sensors. These vehicles are autonomous and they move materials on preset pathways around the facility safely.
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems- It is a popular system handling work in lots. It picks up loose materials, places on the system and the process of picking is complete. They also feature shelves, racks, and aisles promoting easy processing. They are connected to the network of a company, ensuring stock monitoring is easy.
  • Conveyor systems- They transport materials automatically through the conveyor belt facility. It comes in varieties such as chain, overhead, cleated, and vehicle.
  • Robotic delivery system- Using the automated robotic delivery system it is easy to transport materials. Material handling equipment manufacturers ensure it is easy to transport using this system.

Storage and handling equipment

The storage and handling equipment assists storing and organizing materials as per the needs of the company.  The equipment is stationary and companies use it with automated systems.

Knowing about the right type of equipment you need means you can check with NSSPL, the expert Material handling equipment manufacturers.  They regularly supply companies with new and used machines and you can get the right material handling equipment.

Material Handling Equipment

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