IQF/Tunnel Freezer

What is a tunnel freezer?

Tunnel freezers are the specialized IQF freezers efficient to freeze produce of large quantities in short time. It ensures the products are perfectly frozen without forming or developing clumps or getting the product sticking together. Thus, there is no compromise on quality.

What is IQF freezing?

IQF represents individual quick freezing. It is the freezing common method in the foodservice industry. It consists of separate food pieces with individual freezing at very low temperatures.  The IQF foods are cheaper and have the ability of separating frozen products that the portioning of frozen goods process is challenging and easier. It is beneficial for the restaurants and distributors.

The IQF method of freezing is special due to its ability of individual quick freezing the components and keeping them separate from each other. They are specially designed to shake and vibrate the individual products and are frozen without clumping. It is appropriate for products such as shrimp, beans, blueberries, peas, strawberries, and other similar products. It is frozen such that it cannot be done in blast freezers or regular freezers.

Frozen food and produce are slower and tend to be damaged and dry when defrosted. The larger ice crystals formation damage the walls of the cell and reduce the food quality. However, IQF freezing does not permit the bigger ice crystal formation process to happen.

What is the process of IQF freezers?

The IQF freezers ice crystallization process takes between -1 to -4º C or 30 to 25º F. The IQF freezers freeze fast the content as it bypasses the zone quickly. It ensures the food freezes while the ice crystals hardly develop, thereby the product quality is maintained.

Freezing the product quickly means the cells are preserved within the food and every time the food is in higher quality. You may check with NSSPL as they offer the best IQF Freezing capabilities. They are the best in Freezing Technology and offer myriad of features offering the edge you expect in any business.

The advancement in terms describes how the products are frozen and the extent of reaching new heights. This technology is new and is integrated seamlessly into tunnel freezers that that is involved in the food distribution and preservation in the businesses.

How is a Tunnel Freezer different?

The tunnel freezers are specialized flash freezers that freeze large quantities in a short time. While a tunnel freezer is useful in companies or industries wishing to freeze large inventory regularly. Most companies or industries involved in the processing, manufacturing, and preserving of shell fish, sea food, prepared and processed foods, meats, etc, require tunnel freezers. The IQF tunnel freezers deliver premium flash freezing power than any commercial freezer and has the ability to meet supply demands and large production.

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Benefits of Tunnel Freezers

  • Tunnel freezers boast of high quality freezing standards that other mill commercial freezers. It is because the commercial freezers cannot prevent the drip loss and it approximates to 3-4% on an average on tunnel freezers. However, buying from NSSPL ensures their tunnel freezers have 0.2-0.3% drip loss ratio, making it an ideal choice in the market.
  • Freezers up to 30% are energy efficient than other commercial counterparts. Thus, it helps businesses in cutting costs and increasing profits. The tunnel freezers are specialized to freeze products efficiently at highest speed, retaining the quality. It offers businesses the edge to compete in the storage and food processing expanding market.

Consulting with NSSPL ensures you get the customized version featuring tunnel freezer in the freezer line. NSSPL has the best freezing line machinery and equipment. They also modify specially to ensure the advanced freezing technology fulfils the business professional’s demand. It helps increasing products production and growing customer base. There will be no ice build-up that ascertains easy use and cleaning.

NSSPL Tunnel Freezers freeze cooked products that are at high temperatures with no pre cooling necessary. Thus it eliminates freezing slowdowns. It takes place due to the continuous air circulation within the freezer and keeps away any intake of additional hot air from outside. Therefore there is continuous inner air freezing capabilities that the products are frozen efficiently and quickly each time.

Staying ahead in the competition is imperative and the best is NSSPL for its resources and capabilities. The manufacturing, preserving, and processing industries competition is vicious. Looking for the Tunnel freezer is the right choice. It offers the ability to set your business apart from your competitors. For quality and fast freezing offering the best freezing technology, contact NSSPL. They will ensure you products and machinery or equipment that also retains the texture, flavour and moisture in the products. It means there is no need to look further, contact NSSPL.

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