H P Receiver

The function of the High Pressure Receivers to provide storage for part of the Anhydrous Ammonia liquid inventory needed to supply the plant refrigeration loads, and recirculation receiver loads, as required to maintain efficient operation.

NSSPL makes Horizontal and Vertical High Pressure Receivers. NSSPL uses its own manufactured H P Receivers in all its projects. As these are manufactured with state of the art equipment’s, its finish and safety are best available in the market place. NSSPL can also supply these H P Receivers to any customer who want these H P Receivers.


  • Highest quality materials are used, these are corrosion resistant and painted with epoxy paints which lasts longer.
  • Designed as per requirements, manufactured as per ASME Codes,
  • Manufactured for optimum working pressure and test pressures.
  • Radiology test is done on 10 % joints and same can be done with 100% also,
  • Post-weld heat treatment is done.
  • Can be customized as per requirements
  • Sheet thicknesses are taken as per specific requirements.
  • Boiler Quality Steel is used
  • Supplied with NSSPL make heavy duty reflex type gauge glass, Isolation Valves, Duel Safety Valve, Drain Valve and Purge Valve on a sturdy steel base.

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