Gea Screw Compressor Package

What is GEA?

GEA is the prominent manufacturer of compressor technology. It is characterized by premium components and intelligent design offering maximum efficiency, quality, and reliability.

GEA screw compressors package is appropriate for common refrigerants. It concentrates on carbon dioxide and ammonia. The zero global warming potential and high volumetric efficiency makes ammonia a future proof choice.

Gea Screw Compressor Package

Where is GEA Screw Compressor Package useful?

The GEA Screw Compressor Package future-proof design is suitable for your heating systems and refrigeration. It is the requirement of the beverage, food or chemical industry, laboratories or offices, leisure facilities or in logistics. The heating and refrigeration are in demand always. There is the GEA high-quality screw compressor system to fulfil individual requirements. The advantage of GEA screw compressor package is that it is suitable for common refrigerants. It’s zero global warming potential and high volumetric efficiency makes it the choice of F-gas regulation. The processes focus on functionality, value, and sustainability from design, R&D, quality control, engineering, sales, and after sales service. The worldwide network support of GEA takes you everywhere. Know from NSSPL, how to use powerful software tools configuring and comparing the packages helps select ideal solution.

Key characteristics of GEA screw packages

GEA screw compressor package key characteristics include:

  • Choosing solution to meet your needs, no matter low or high temperature applications. It may be two or single stage packages.
  • Future-proof and sustainable equipment focusing on natural refrigerants to build sustainable facility. It is cost-effective offering excellent operation.
  • State of the art components of GEA assure reducing energy costs drastically and lead to industry-leading efficiency.
  • A safety concept featuring configurations that are project-specific for oil supply and bearings. The GEA package is reliable safe, and durable.
  • The ownership cost is reduced, while the machines are easy-to-service and requires low maintenance.

Why choose GEA screw compressor package?

Choosing GEA screw compressor package is mainly for its sustainability, reliability, cost and energy efficiency.  GEA concentrates on the process technology and its components to support sophisticated production processes.

The screw compressors top quality is the advantage. GEA is intensively and extensively familiar with compressor technology. With GEA the focus is on functionality and value in the research labs to quality assurance and production processes. They also offer the support of software tools in selecting the compressor or the right spare parts.

Choose the right GEA screw compressor package by consulting expert engineers of NSSPL. No matter, you buy new or look for replacement of compressors.

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