Freon Based Racking Systems

What is Freon based racking systems?

Freon based racking system includes safeguarding chemicals, perishable foods, and other raw materials. The industrial refrigeration system is critical to diverse industries including chemical processing facilities, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and restaurants. Each industry has a set of different requirements. It dictates the refrigeration system as per its products.

The Freon based racking system is available in a range of physical sizes. It offers total cooling capacity, efficient cooling and high up-time. Manufacturers select refrigerants based on:

  • Toxicity, stability, compatibility, performance, and flammability

How to choose Freon based racking system?

Freon based racking system preserves on a specified temperature different items. The cold room is in high demand and is manufactured by using ultra-advanced technology and top grade raw material.

Freon is in two types, methane-based and ethane-based. Due to ozone-depletion concerns, methanes are eliminated from industrial use. Ethane-based halocarbon systems are common in the processing facilities types.

Cost of refrigeration system

Taking a decision between Freon and ammonia is essential to know the costing.  The Freon is cost-effective. It is because a refrigeration system load below 100 tons requires a Freon (halocarbon) system. It means the Freon based racking system is useful in larger systems. Besides, a Freon system installation is less expensive to the ammonia types.

When choosing between Freon and ammonia, consult an engineer from NSSPL. He is well-versed in the limits and capabilities of each system. Such skilled engineers will take into consideration the product volume, the product type and the facility it produces. It also concentrates on the temperature to cool the product. Freon is a suitable choice for cooling meat up to 60,000 lbs per hour ranging from 150 degrees to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Cheese and bread products have same type boundaries.


Speaking of efficiency, the fact is that an ammonia refrigeration system is highly efficient in comparison to the Freon. However, a Freon based racking system properly designed can challenge any ammonia system rival. It is efficient up to 25% than the ammonia system poorly-designed. Thus, it is important to have a design engineer with good experience from NSSPL to get the suitable racking system to fit your requirements. The Freon rack system is useful in the grocery industry featuring a steel frame and rack featuring multiple compressors. The advantage is the load is manageable, even if a compressor fails.

Know about Freon racking systems from expert NSSPL design engineers and save costs!

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