Chiller Packages

NSSPL Industrial chiller packages are compact and skid mounted arrangement of compressor, condenser, receiver and chillers piped together with suitable line components and safety controls.

Ammonia chillers are widely used for supply of chilled water, cold glycol or brine and have become even more attractive for several applications like in pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, food processing and beverages to replace direct HFC refrigeration systems.

Greenhouse gas footprint and lifecycle costs of ownership of industrial packaged chillers can be significantly reduced by using ammonia as a refrigerant, instead of the traditionally used HFCs.

Ammonia does not contribute to ozone depletion nor global warming and ammonia chillers are generally more energy efficient than equivalent HFC chillers.

NSSPL chiller packages are with very low refrigerant charge is available with flooded evaporator or direct expansion evaporator. The condensation can be with integrated air cooled condenser, or with water cooled heat exchanger or with remote condenser

Key Features:

  • Flexible and modular design with reciprocating and screw compressor
  • Capacity control with VFD or switching off cylinders gives a better part load efficiency
  • Wide range of temperature application from +20 deg C to -40 deg C
  • Structure manufactured from galvanized steel with powder coating
  • Option of both plate type exchanger and evaporative condenser
  • Option with electrical and PLC control panel ready to start packages
  • Smaller foot prints compared to conventional plants

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