Air Cooling Units

An Air Cooling Unit is an heat exchanger which is used to transfer heat from one medium to another medium. Normally consists of pipes, fins and fans.  Refrigerant ( Ammonia ) is the one medium which flows thru the tubes and air is other medium that passes over the tubes.

NSSPL air cooling units are best suited for Potato/ fruit / vegetables/milk processing units and meat/ fish/ ice cream/ butter freezing/chilling units.

NSSPL Cooling coils are made of stainless steel/ spray galvanized tubes and aluminium fins with excellent heat transfer capability & durability these Aluminium fins makes rapid heat absorption from air and thus cooling happens faster. The staggered tube construction is designed in such a way that it increases air turbulence at the coil and increases its increaseefficiency.

What is the list of items in cold storage warehouse
  • Outer frames are made with high quality powder coated GI sheet or SS casing with heavy duty.
  • Axial flow fans are selected with higher static pressure/ air throw.
  • It comes with latest IP protected fan motors with low temperature grease.
  • Defrosting systems water/hot gas/heater is provided based on the application and uses.
  • It comes with proper drain pan made with slopped end for better water drainage.
CapacityAs per customer requirements.
WeightAs per design.
Minimum Order QuantityCan be discussed

In addition NSSPL has business partnerships with all air cooling units manufactures and based on customer’s preference same can be supplied, installed and commissioned and tested.

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