Subsidy Support From Various Agencies

What is a subsidy?

Subsidy is to get Cold Storage Subsidy Support at subsidized prices. With subsidies, the consumers get to access cheaper commodities and products. Markets with positive externalities offer benefits to society, they also favour the policy to offer greater supply of service and good.

The externalities are the situations when consumption or production of goods and services impose benefits or costs on others, but do not reflect for the goods and services and it does not reflect the price charged, as well.

Types of Subsidies 

  • Production subsidy:- This Cold Storage Subsidy Support type is provided to encourage the product production. For the manufacturers to promote their output in production, the government pays or compensates for a few parts and tries to reduce the expenses, thereby increasing the output. The consumption and production grows, but the price is the same. However, the drawback is that it promotes overproduction as an incentive.
  • Consumption subsidy:- This takes place as the government offsets the food, healthcare, education, and water costs.
  • Export subsidy:- A country or state earns from exports and helps balance its economy. Thus, to encourage exports, the cost is subsidized by the government. However, it is easy to abuse, especially by exporters who increase their goods prices so that they receive a larger incentive. However, eventually raise their profits at the cost of taxpayers.

Schemes of other Agencies

 National Horticulture Board (NHB)

Setting up of Cold Storage Subsidy Support and looking for modernization under this scheme are eligible for subsidy for expansion or construction of cold storage for Horticulture products.  The linked scheme is @40% project capital cost that is limited in general area per project to Rs.30 lakhs and it is limited as 50% per project for Hilly, NE and amp at Rs.37.50 lakh.

National Horticulture Mission (NHM)

Another Subsidy Support From Various Agencies for cold storage is up to 5000MT capacity and is eligible for assistance. The assistance is given as subsidies and the credit linked projects are given @35% of capital project cost in general area and the Hilly & Scheduled area receives 50%.

For more details on cold storage setting up or regarding Subsidy Support From Various Agencies you may check with NSSPL. They will give you information about eligibility to avail the cold storage subsidy and the cold storage components in lesser prices. The engineers of NSSPL will show the implementing schemes and teach you about the technology.

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