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How to start a cold storage?

A cold storage is an investment and is best done with the help of project consultancy. It preserves for a long time the vegetables and fruits that the initial investment seeming to be higher looks worthy.

Basically the investment requires to begin with area such as land acquisition, cold storage building construction, acquiring permissions, licensing, arranging essential utilities such as water, electricity, etc. Moreover, to invest in India it is a significant sum in buying cooling machinery. The capital is huge and is best done with the approval of consultants in India.

The cold storage business investment in the minimum needs 30-40 lakh. It is as per the budget to choose required cold storage room type. The facility of the cold storage includes single and multiple products. Items that require cold storage include vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat products, fish, etc. The basic design of a cold storage roomdimension is 14 ft x10 ft x 10 ft. The requirement temperature is 4˚C ± 2˚C, and 85-90% is the storage space humidity.

Why do you need business consultants?

People seeking consultancy, can get advice on different areas. Starting a business of cold storage requires to get advices from professionals. It is because they have good knowledge on cold storages.   It is best to get quotes from different construction companies in India.

Seeking cold storage consultants helps discuss technical details in the business feasibility in the area required. It may help having clarity on Project Consultancy. The acquiring is based on the raw materials availability in your area. Check why you need the cold storage:

  • Onion cold storage
  • Potatoes cold storage
  • Sea food and fish storage
  • Vegetables and fruits cold storage
  • Food processing unit
  • Multi-purpose cold storage
  • Milk/daily cold storage
  • Frozen storage

Decisions to initiate a business in cold storage is best done after acquiring consultancy fromconsultants in India. Many cold storage business and projects consultants from NSSPL are the right people to consult. The NSSPL Engineers will prepare a layout design as per the cold storage capacities you need. Once the capacity and layout is ready the selecting equipment and machinery is the next to set up a project for cold storage.

Professional cold storage business consultants work with clients closely. These consultants help in deciding the exact capacity required for your budgets. Many state and central governments are promoting food processing and cold chain infrastructure in India. They are offering various subsidies and grants. The projectconsultancy help client in acquiring subsidies. They guide for DPR, where and how to apply for getting grants and subsidies. If you require support from banks for loans, hire a loan consultant. They will prepare the essential documents that will help in applying to banks as per requirements.

Why do you need to contact project consultancy?

The need to contact project consultancy is to acquire more knowledge about the project. Professionals provide detailed information about the product and clients can clear their doubts on factors such as:
  • Insulation
  • Civil/PEB
  • Electric Load
  • Refrigeration
  • Precise land
  • CA Machinery
  • Cold storage unit for particular purpose
  • Ventilation, dehumidification and humidification

How to apply for cold storage in India?

  • As the first step download from FSSAI the Form B to fill the details and submit online, and complete the form.
  • Enter email personal ID and it will be active with your mobile number.

Subsidies are a crucial part of cold storage. You can check with any Project Consultancy regarding the cold storage subsidy. You will get complete information about the cold storage subsidy benefits offered in the year 2022 by Government of India.

How to choose Project Consultants in India

Choosing in India a project consultancy matters. You may check their technical expertise, customer testimonials, past projects completed, etc. You may get the right references from customers and industry served by them. If you consultant NSSPL, you need not go with all these procedures as they are manufacturing cold storage units since long. They will give you good references.

As per the varied demands and requirements of clients, look for good construction companies in India, such as NSSPL. These companies know the extensive use to store various food products. They have the entire range constructed using advanced technology and the finest raw material.

NSSPL is one of the highly appreciated construction companies in India. They take utmost care of their clients due to enhanced durability and moisture resistance, ensure balanced temperature, safe storage and make it purpose specific.

 No matter, what you want deal with NSSPL for cold storage buying procedures or consultancy. Even if you have problems relating cold storage, you can get the best assistance from NSSPL engineers and skilled technicians.

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