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A potato processing machine is useful for various tasks. The processing equipment helps control the flow, and storage, and handles varying chemical reactions.

The consumption of potatoes migrates from raw potatoes to food-manufactured products. It improves flavor, taste, and shelf life. Potatoes include frozen potatoes and French fries, now popular in most restaurants. Potato crisps are a popular snack food in many developed countries.

Why is the potato processing machine important?

The potato processing machine is important and is thriving. The expansion is continuous with the demand for vegetarian food kinds of stuff. The demand is more for potato fries and chips in the hospitality business. It has led to the growth of the hotel dining and processed food industry. The desire of the customers for sustainability and higher quality is increasing. The processed food sector is inducing more people to go for processing machines.

Potatoes may be fried, boiled, or baked, as it is in a variety of dishes. The advantage is on various factors such as foreign direct investment and government policy. The potato processing business participants concentrate on acquisitions and mergers. It is because the potato processing market is anticipating high growth in potato output in various forms. It is a sign, indicating a rise in the developing nations with the increase of urbanization. It will stir demand for more potato processing machine manufacturers. 

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What is the position of India comparing other countries?

The economy of India is mainly agro-based, and the majority of people are employed directly in agricultural vocations. It is the primary income source. Vegetables and fruit production is plenty, and India’s potato production ranks the second largest in the world.

The developed countries potato processing is more than 65 percent, and the contribution is to the rural economies’ development. The potato processing notion and the value addition began two decades ago with the varied product range demands. The commercial success of the product and the approval of consumers have led to the increase in potato processing machine manufacturers. It prompts a few companies to follow the suit.

India is adopting sophisticated farming practices and new technologies in recent years. The technologies are for potato seed multiplication, and the returns yielded are significant. The yields are improved, and the potato quality is good in cold storage. It increases the shelf life.

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How can government help the potato processing industry?

The need for potato processing machines is high, and here are some of the areas the government can help. The government should help the industry of potato processing by:

  • Increasing public awareness regarding processed potato product consumption.
  • Provide R&D institutions and participate in the potato varieties new development. Encouraging and facilitating by offering sufficient financial support.
  • Offering the post-harvest system of raw potatoes, such that the wastage in transportation and handling is avoided. It will make the process cost-effective, and more people will buy potato processing machines.
  • Global demand for frozen potato products can be met with financial aid. It is essential for the promotion and other efforts of advocacy, such as trade shows, exhibits, and hosting meetings.

Government agencies and others should hire expert consultants and commission studies to identify the global market. It helps in knowing potato processing machinery cost and ways to potato diversified products.

Contacting NSSPL, the quality-oriented organization, will ensure total excellence in the machine range. NSSPL staff will highlight the need for the potato processing machine in the perfect way.

What is potato processing?

Potato processing machine manufacturers prepare potato convenience products. However, it involves all primary functions, such as washing, peeling, removal of defective matters, and size reduction. The processes undergo various steps of cooling, heat treatments, frying, dehydration, and freezing.

Modern science and technological development ensure the potato processing of starch is close to mechanization. Now, potato starch processing equipment is automatic, and it is the main system in the market. The potato starch processing equipment has the best advantages:

  • High potato starch extraction
  • Full automatic operation
  • High degree cleanliness
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High potato starch extraction

Potato processing machine manufacturers ensure to give the best advantages to extract high starch from potatoes. The extraction rate is higher of the starch implies the yield is higher, and it means economic benefits are higher.

  • In the stages of cleaning, dry sieve, and rotary washing machines feature high cleaning, reasonable speed, and low damage to the potatoes. The starch extraction is to a high degree.
  • In the stages of crushing, the rasper and cutting machine crush the raw materials in the potatoes. A higher crushing rate implies a higher extraction rate of potato starch. The effect of pre-crushing is good with the cutting machine. Small potato chunks go through fine grinding and release the binding starch from the potato raw material. It improves the extraction rate of starch.
  • In the stages of drying, the flash dryer adopts negative pressure to prompt instant drying. It also controls the potato starch loss and thus improves the potato starch extraction rate.

Full automatic operation

The full automatic operation is helpful in potato processing equipment to extract potato starch. The process of production is completed using the processing equipment which is automatic potato starch equipment. The production process takes 15 minutes only.  Knowing the potato processing machinery cost is helpful. The requirements are low of labor, equipment for potato starch processing carrying out cleaning, purification, crushing, drying, dehydration, screening, and potato packaging automatically.

High degree cleanliness

A high degree of cleanliness is an advantage of the potato processing machine that helps extract starch from the potatoes. Potato starch is useful in cooking food, and cleanliness degrees are important. The processing machine has an impurity removal multi-channel process and sealed processing technology. Thus, it avoids external contact, and the equipment parts are in stainless steel. It ensures the finished potato starch quality and improves coefficient hygiene.

A potato processing machine or potato starch processing machine is available in suitable design, as per the investor’s needs. You may consider various quotes or check with experts such as NSSPL.


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