Bharat Revar



Mr.Bharat Revar (Director) aged 44 years, is M.Com. BA, LLB. He has experience of 4 years in legal matters, had worked with M/s Vijay Vyas & Associates, a leading Advocate firm in Rajkot. He then joined Ech-Jay Steel Ltd. As Manager (Accounts & Legal) and worked there for 3 years. Thereafter, he joined NSSPL as Director in the years 2005. He will look after the Accounts, Finance and legal matters of the company.


  • We are purchase product for cold storages a, and natural storage solutions is one of our favorites! They are always professional & efficient and they always submit paperwork to us timely without us ever having to request it, which is so appreciated. From what our Customer Service Dept. tells me, Mr.Yogesh and Mr.Bharat are truly wonderful to work with!

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